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Who Am I (2023) – Movie | Release Date, Review & Cast | German movie | Bollywood Petals

Who Am I Movie

Who Am I Story

Based upon the book “Ko Aham” (which refers to ‘Who Am I Movie” in Sanskrit) This film follows the story of a student of philosophy, who is on a mission to discover the mysteries of life.

Who Am I Movie Review: 

Set on the banks of the river Narmada, ‘Who am I is a slow-motion shot of a young man swimming in the calm waters of the river that is India’s most renowned. The film sets the stage for a relaxed screenplay that features the slow pace of the story that is followed by one or two surprises throughout, and plenty of moments of waiting patiently for events to occur. 

The process of adapting a novel is challenging, especially when it’s the abstract notion of reflecting the character’s inner struggle with questions about his or her existence. Directors Shireesh Khemariya and the author of the novel Ashok Jamnani, who written the screenplay and dialogue with Kallol Mukherjee, only partially succeed in their goal. There are a number of factors that are at play.

In the beginning the character Bhavataviya (Chetan Sharma) is introduced with no background , and viewers are expected to get to know his mind that is filled with questions in a flash. However, this never happens. it is difficult to understand why this young man is such a way and why he asks the same questions over and over , and not convincingly trying to get the right answers from reliable sources. 

He seems to be uninformed and raw for a philosophy student. The environment and the people surrounding him, offer no assurance that his deep-seated questions will ever be addressed, if they did. Even his teacher VLN sir (Shashie Verma), who holds in highly esteem, never provides any helpful answers.

 Instead, he provides him with endless thoughts, which are essentially general remarks that cause more harm to his thoughts and on his nascent romance that he shares with Aditi (Rishika Chandani) is her daughter from the woman who accepts him as a paid guest. Aditi’s character is full life , and is completely different from her character Bhavataviya. She brings some hope and a little cheer to the otherwise boring setting the love story between them is unnatural and awkward.

The performances are acceptable, but are affected down by the lack of writing skills along with Shireesh Khemariya‘s direction, which struggles to convey the powerful emotional and spiritual strands of the novel. Chetan Sharma is well-cast in the role of the growing Bhavataviya and he is able to do justice to the role, despite shortcomings in the script. 

Rishika Chandani shines brightly on screen with her presence and does her role with ease. Shashie Verma shines in his role that could have been improved with more memorable dialogues and interactions with the main character. The veteran actor, Surendra Rajan shines with his brilliant performance as the Swamiji. 

He is a symbol of despair and the hopelessness of life after a tragic incident that has changed everything about his life. The character has more realism and weight than anyone else within the movie.

The film’s modest production values fail to adequately show the film’s profound spiritual and surreal dimensions. The music is well-tuned the story.

“Who Am I Movie” stands out to connect and resonate to our deep-rooted anxieties, fears , and life’s questions. It does not leave you feeling with a greater understanding, emotional depth, or cinematically content.

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