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Upcoming Movie Kali Jotta Review: Neeru Bajwa & Satinder Sartaaj To Present A Social issue In Their | New Movies Review

kali jotta

kali jotta

Kali Jotta Intro

Kali Jotta(Punjabi) is an Drama film written and produced by Beat Minister and Vijay Kumar Arora. It features Satinder Sartaaj, Neeru Bajwa in the lead roles , and others include Wamiqa Gabbi. It was directed by Sunny Raj, Varun Arora and Santosh Subhash under the banner Neeru bajwa Ent U&I Films & VH Entertainment. The music in the film was written by (not well-known). The story is by Harinder Kour. I hope that the movie in the coming months will be a hit with people watching due to the performances of the main actors.

Movie Review

The much-anticipated film “Kali Jotta” which stars Neeru Bajwa as well as Satinder Sartaaj in their important roles, is set to release on the 3rd of February. The trailer is an intimate love story that is an array of emotions it was revealed prior to the film’s debut, much in the excitement of cinephiles.

In addition to presenting romance however, the filmmakers have not focused on the requirements to the story. If you’ve seen the trailer, then you may be aware that one third of the film is an evocation of the college years of the two lead actors. However, if we judge it by their character and age, it’s not typical.

According to our information and experience, we concluded that they did not appear similar to college kids. The story is in the mid-2021 period, the floor was empty and, at the time, each of Bajwa along with Sartaaj were more than 35 . And not just this which has created the hype, Wamiqa Gabbi has got little room in the film’s trailer. We are now speculating that in the movie too she won’t be getting the space she deserves.

Neeru Bajwa as well as Satinder Sartaaj Have finally released the trailer for their forthcoming film Kali Jotta. The film, due to be released on February 3, also features Wamiqa Gabbi and Prince Kanwaljit Singh. Vijay Kumar Arora is the director of the film, and the film is produced through Neeru Bajwa Entertainment, U&I Films and VH Entertainment. Harinder Kour has written this incredible script.

The trailer for the film is set in the 90s in the beginning of the decade. The film begins with the self-assured and joyful character Neeru Bajwa (Rabia) who simply would like to live her life to the fullest and declares, ” Iko Ik Zindagi Nal Jiwange“. The character she is deeply in love with that is played by Satinder Sartaaj (Didaar) and has many different ways to display her affection for Satinder Sartaaj. After graduation, she is offered an employment in the government as a teacher in a school in which she teaches children how to live the same way.

After a time, a broad variety of events and emotions of the characters is examined due to the darker part of society, and she struggles to make it in. She was not recognized by the society or by family members, and she vanished. One of her pupils at their college (Wamiqa Gabbi) goes to find her and learns about a series of incidents. The final outcome of this will be revealed when the film hits theaters.


Satinder Sartaaj as well as Neeru Bajwa have kept us entertained throughout the trailer thanks to their impressive characters. Wamiqa Gabbi is playing an important role that serves as the film’s principal conflict. Director Vijay Kumar Arora has portrayed the characters in a way that is captivating and will resonate with the people who watch the film and with the.

Neeru Bajwa, who has made her mark last year through a string of films is set to kick off the year with a message for those who are delinquent. Satinder Sartaaj is a man who has picked his scripts carefully and proven it repeatedly. In addition, Raj Dhaliwal, Nikita Grover and a host of other actors were in the trailer as they played their roles.

Satinder Sartaj, Neeru Bajwa and Wamiqa Gabbi will join forces to the world for the very first time, and the viewers will be thrilled to watch the stunning three on the screen.

While the story is based on various material, the small items have been noticed by viewers. There are two setbacks we’ve seen on the film’s trailer. In addition, Kali Jotta also features Rupinder Rupi, Prince Kanwaljit, Nikita Grover, and numerous others.

This script is written by Harinder Kour, while Vijay Kumar Arora is the director of the film. Meanwhile, Sunny Raj, Varun Arora, Sarla Rani, and Santosh Subhash Thite are financing the project. The 3rd of February 2023, the film will release in cinemas.

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