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TVF PITCHERS SEASON 2 Web Series Review | Bird’s-Eye A View of The Much-Loved World In which emotions take the back Seat



What’s it About: TVF PITCHERS SEASON 2

TVF PITCHERS SEASON 2: After bringing their vision to life The group of friends who are known as “Pitchers” can establish their start-up. The company is named Pragati AI this company has generated quite a buzz, however, there is an eroding of the friendship in which Jitu is not present and the remaining three now run the show. Seven years later, they meet in a moment of turmoil and another challenge they have to take on.

Second Season of Pitchers Web Series Review: What’s Working:

The year 2015 was when India realized the potential of digital media and the audience looking for content beyond the cinema that is commercial or an art house. It is something that falls between them and in the realm of relatable and closer to the heart of the country. TVF targeted the same audience and was a game changer, introducing the nation to more contemporary content that dealt featuring topics that the youth populace was confronted with. Born was Pitchers which created an uproar of sorts and showed us the world of startups. It took seven years to create syrup, but they’re present.

Arunabh Kumar, as a writer is a cult favorite because the writer doesn’t travel to distant lands to tell his story, however, he writes about his neighbors. What’s going on in his next room, home, or in society? This is the same society that we have to live in and it’s Kumar writing about us. Whatever has been written by his pen has been able to resonate with the people who read it.

When he can write the next series of one of his most famous shows, he’ll take in the content and focus on the smallest details about the ecosystem which he’s about to venture into. As an entrepreneur who created a company that started as an idea that was just beginning, Pitchers for most of the time is very intimate to him. The fact that he has the role of a father figure within the cast adds even more. Season 2 of Pitchers aren’t as emotive and is almost more skilled. This doesn’t mean that there are any emotions, but they aren’t as much as in that first season. The atmosphere is more in the modern corporate office and less out. Since they’re not the pitchers from season one.

In general, the second season is a look at the foundations of creating an enterprise from scratch. The problem is not convincing family members that there is no second world, or even a second one. The problems are more mechanical. However, Kumar can add some heartache to the game in the end of this season. He starts a battle with the main group and his decision to end the fight between them will be a major hit.

Pitchers 2 Review: The Star Performer

Naveen Kasturia is currently working on the Ph.D. in the field of male-child characters. Similar to Aspirants, here, he believes he’s always right and in opposition to the world. He brings freshness to his Navin but here. With the greatest amounts of film time, the actor isn’t slack when it comes to portraying the character.

Arunabh Kumar in the role of Yogi plays a real persona of him. Although he isn’t in front of the camera frequently it is easy in his acting as well, and he never at all times makes himself appear less skilled actor than the other actors. Abhay Mahajan is able to play the most intricate role. For someone who was one of the most innocent characters from the beginning, Abhay Mahajan must be responsible and responsible for co-founding an start-up company that talks about billions of dollars. He is able to demonstrate the most prominent change, and he does it very well.

Riddhi Dogra with the short screen time does an excellent job. I’m sure there will be more to see from her in the upcoming season.

Pitchers Season 2: Review of What Didn’t Do:

Pitchers Season 2 is a bird’s-eye perspective of the story and less of an emotional journey of characters. Although there’s a lot to know about startup culture and how to survive that environment, it’s the individual experiences of the characters we bonded to during the initial season are put on place in the background completely. This leads to the first section being preachy in several areas. In addition, the fact that Jitu’s narrative is absent adds to the lack of. His story and his journey that brought the greatest emotional depth to the world and it affects his character in a huge way.

The aforementioned issue kind of impacts the entire story’s conflict. The most important ones and a minor one are discussed but they do not impact a viewer to the amount that makes you want to be able to see the show and assist them. Since you’re not yet in a way emotionally to accomplish that. It was a consensus feeling that season one was able to make a splash.

Additionally, more research could have led to an improved method of incorporating influencers into the script rather as opposed to the way it is currently. It appears like a forced.

TVF PITCHERS SEASON 2 Season Review Final Words:

There’s a lot we didn’t see in the past seven years of Pitchers However, the emotions that we felt are absent.


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