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The Last of Us Web Series: Season 1 Release date, Cast, Trailer | Bollywood Petals

The Last of Us season 1

The Last of Us TV series Season 1 Release date

The premiere of the show aired in the US on HBO on America. The Last of Us show premiered on HBO in the US around 9pm Eastern Time on the 15th of January 2023. The show was also streamed on Sky and Now in the UK at 2am GMT on Sky Atlantic in the early morning hours on Monday 16 January 2023.

The remaining nine shows are also being broadcast at the same time by HBO as well as Sky Atlantic.

TV series

Ellie can be seen as Bella Ramsey, also of Game of Thrones fame.

Other actors in the cast are Gabriel Luna as Joel’s brother Tommy, Murray Bartlett as Frank as Frank, along with Merle Dandridge, who plays Marlene. Anna Torv (Mindhunter) plays Tess and Euphoria’s Storm Reid takes on the role of Ellie’s best friend Riley.

Nico Parker, the child from Thandie Newton Nico Parker, plays Joel’s daughter Sarah.

It’s official! The Last of Us episode 3 will air on the 29th of January, Sunday. If you’re curious about what the episode is about or how to watch it for yourself then take an look at the following information.

How Many Episodes of The Last of Us Are There?

Consist of 9 episodes that span the events of the initial The Last ofUs game. A second season hasn’t been confirmed, but the co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin suggested to THR that a second season could cover what happened in the sequel video game The Last ofUs Part 2.

Episode 4 Trailer Is OUT

The Last of Us episode 4 trailer is available. HBO has released a sneak peek for next week’s episode on the post-apocalyptic drama that is based on the popular PlayStation video game, which teases new characters that will be Kathleen the ruthless leading a radical group that is based in Kansas City. Melanie Lynskey, best known for her work on Yellowjackets as a character, will be playing the role, which will spell the end of our survivor couple Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey). The episode is titled “Please Hold My Hand The episode is directed by Jeremy Webb (The Umbrella Academy) and is believed to run for just 50 minutes much shorter than the 75 minutes of episode 3. 4. Last of Us episode 4 will air on February 6 at 8:30am ISTand Friday, February 5, at 9:00pm Eastern time on Disney+ Hotstar and HBO Max and HBO Max, respectively.

This trailer from the trailer for Last of Us episode 4 opens by showing Ellie’s ( Ramsey) new pet peeve, an aversion to the smell of coffee while the two have a break on the trails. “It smells like burned trash,” she tells Joel ( Pascal) who, despite her words, is able to take a big swig of the liquid. Although it’s not mentioned explicitly however, Ellie is very kind and says that the coffee could have been squeezed with some unpleasant sock or a rag given that they’ve been traveling for some time. The third episode introduced us to our unpredictable ally with a greasy haired Bill ( Nick Offerman) who received a shocking romance with his companion Frank ( Murray Bartlett) in the popular TV show.

This week, HBO renewed The Last ofUs series for the new season and Druckmann added that the show will focus on the happenings of the award-winning video game , The Last ofUs Part II. Craig Mazin, director and showrunner on episode 1 of Last of Us also suggested that the series could become an episode in two parts, saying that the story will be’more than the equivalent of a season’s worth in television’.

The latest Episodes from The Last ofUs stream every Monday on Disney+ Hotstar at 8:30am IST in India and Sunday after 9 pm ET, on HBO Max wherever it is available. The season 1 consists 9 episodes.

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