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The Flash Movie 2023: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Latest News and Everything we know

The Flash Movie Release Date

The Flash Movie

The Flash: Ezra Miller’s DC Universe ( DCU) blockbuster has just begun its marketing campaign, as the epic superhero movie is advancing towards its June 16 release date.

This film is shrouded in controversy as its director is embroiled in legal issues however, that hasn’t hindered DC Studios from going forward with the film.

The film’s promotion started in earnest this week, with the official poster being made public as well as the trailer teaser to be released on this Sunday’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philidelphia Eagles. Fans are aware that the trailer is on its coming and for how long it will last is yet to be revealed, and the exact date it will be released to the public remains an unanswered question.

“The Flash Movie” Trailer during Super Bowl

A new announcement from DC has provided the exact date at which first footage for The Flash will be made available.

According to a recent blog post posted on the Official DC Instagram Instagram page The fans can expect an official Flash teaser to be available on the internet at 6:00 pm Eastern time on February 12 at 6:00 pm ET on Sunday.

This timetable coincides with an earlier news report of Heroic Hollywood that said a brief preview of the DC blockbuster was scheduled to be released at the time of the start during the Super Bowl.

The report also stated that, following the trailer’s first appearance, a commercial on TV featuring the film Flash will be shown on the Super Bowl’s FOX broadcast around the end of the 1st quarter. This will probably be sometime between 7:00 pm ET between 7:20 pm ET and 7:20 pm ET.

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The film’s release is a source of controversy due to the fact that lead actor Miller is facing various legal issues, such as plead in no contest to disorderly conduct, and facing second-degree assault charges arising from distinct incidents.

Miller is later tried for breaking into the home of Vermont as well as allegations that they had cultivated an activist who was a teenager named Tokata Iron Eyes (later known as Gibson Iron Eyes) since they had a meeting in the year 2016.

As a response to growing discontent over their presence as part of the film Flash, Miller released an announcement in August 2022, stating that it was “gone through an severe crises”.

Miller stated that she and her husband “want to apologize to everyone who was alarmed and irritated by my previous behavior. I’m committed to doing the necessary steps to return to a secure, healthy and productive phase of my personal life.”

In the announcement of a new DCEU slate in January, DC boss James Gunn declared the film Flash will be the title that Flash is the film that will completely reset all of the DC Universe, making way for the slate to rise from the ashes of its predecessor.

A Flash Movie Release Date

The Flash will release in cinemas on June 16th, 2023, one week earlier than the previously set 23rd June 2023 date of release.

The release date has probably been delayed by a week in order to avoid Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which has finally confirmed that it would premiere on the 30th of June.

This film had been planned to release in theaters in November 2022.

The film was brought up to the 3rd June of 2022 in the context in Warner Bros’ response to the coronavirus pandemic. It was then delayed by one year.

After many months of delays, and pre-production, The Flash finally began filming on April 26, 2021.

Fans have been waiting a long time for an independent film and Miller signing on at the time of 2014. By the time we get to see the film, it’ll have been nearly a decade since Miller’s actor was signed to play the role. It’s a testament to patience!

In the past, the character has been featured in several other DC films however it could be a good thing that the character is finally having his own film.


The Flash will boast an all-star cast. Of of course, Ezra Miller will reprise her role as DCEU’s Scarlet Speedster however, they will also join an array of familiar faces from DC’s past as well as its present.

There are plenty of notable actors in the cast, which you’ll likely recognize from previous DC productions. DCEU actors Ben Affleck and Temuera Morrison are set for a return to their respective roles in DCEU characters they played in their respective characters. Michael Shannon and Antje Traue are likely to play different characters from their Man of Steel characters.

Ron Livingston will be replacing Billy Crudup as Henry Allen (after Crudup was forced to leave in the wake of schedule conflicts). The biggest name on the screen, Michael Keaton, reprises his role as the Dark Knight from the classic Tim Burton movies Batman and Batman Returns.

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