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The Era of 1990 Trailer Lunch: Release date, Movie review , Cast , Crew and More | Sara Khan & Arjun Manhas | Bollywood Petals

The Era of 1990 Release date

The Era of 1990

The launch of the trailer for The Era of 1990 Movie featuring beautiful actresses Sara Khan, Arjun Manhas along with Mir Sarwar, took place on the 30th of January 2023 in Mumbai with the crew and cast who are part of the production. The film’s director is Shahid Kazmi, who has previously directed more than 22 films and was nominated for 5 FILMFARE Awards. The entire crew and cast of the film that has been awaited for a long time was thrilled to see the release of ‘The Era in 1990’s trailer. 


Sara Khan, Arjun Manhas, Mir Sarwar, and others spoke candidly about their experiences filming. Arjun Manhas as the lead actor spoke about how he needed to adopt a brown-tanned look to make the right choice for the role, and also the risky action sequences were performed with no harness, which resulted in multiple injuries. Not just Arjun however, but all the actors who were part of the film were able to achieve the look as it appears today. Family, friends and other members of the media were praised for the trailer for the film as well as the crew and cast. The audience was enthralled by the trailer of “The Era of 90” and can’t wait to see the movie when it releases. 

The Era of 1990 Release date

Sara Khan

The event was attended by Sara Khan looked as stunning as ever. Sara Khan was last seen in the ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani film in an important role. She’s set to conquer hearts with her amazing performance in ‘The Era Of 1990’. She spoke about her joy and satisfaction when filming the film. She also said that she is awed by director Shahid Kazmi’s work. she is collaborating for the second time with Shahid Kazmi. Sara has previously worked alongside Shahid Kazmi on ISHQ WALA LOVE, which is scheduled to be released in the near future. She enjoys working with Shahid Kazmi because he’s not only an extremely focused director, but also an extremely professional and a wonderful human being. The work environment is enjoyable and rewarding. 

The film is based on piracy scam

The film “The Era of 1990” is an all-commercial film. However, it’s also extremely realistic, and is inspired by the fascinating topic of Bollywood Movie Piracy Scam in the 1990’s across the globe. The film provides a clearer picture of and exposes the complexities of the piracy of Hindi films. The main actors in the film are beautiful and well-known actor Sara Khan, and Arjun Manhas, a tough as well as tough character. Mir Sarwar, who has been featured in films like Kesari, Panipat, Chanakya, Jai Hind, Pawan Putra as well as web series like The Family Man, Bard of Blood, Bhram, and Special Ops, has given an outstanding performance as the antagonist in Shahid Kazmi’s forthcoming directorial film ‘The Era Of 1990’. 

According to Shahid Kazmi,”The Bollywood industry is significantly affected by online piracy. the annual loss caused by movie and music online pirates is alarming.I wanted to show viewers how prevalent online piracy is and how it impacts businesses, and how it cost the Bollywood enormous amounts of cash. “I am extremely grateful for my cast and crew members for their dedication and faith in me. ‘The Era of 1990’ reveals the online piracy fraud in a cinematic way featuring intense action and a story that is always intriguing. 

The Era of 1990 Movie Release Date

As you are I am certain that the audience will enjoy the film and be educated about the fraud that is piracy even though it’s set in the 1990s. I can guarantee to you, this: Sara Khan has delivered a previously un-seen performance of a love woman”.”The film ‘The Era Of 1990 will premiere in cinemas on March 3 in 2023. The film was produced through Jagjeet Singh, and Shahid Kazmi under the banners of Shahid Kazmi Films and H.S Rissam Films.

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