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The content of this site is for entertainment purposes only. No content from the page can be reproduced in any commercial context, and cannot be used for any purpose that does not abide by the Indian legislative system, or that could be of harm for any person or entity as determined by the sole discretion of the owner of this site. All the content of these sites, including the information, the content, and the materials of the site are subjected to the Copyright Act of the Indian Constitution and cannot be reproduced without the explicit consent of the copyright owner. All the trademarks and logos used on the website are also proprietary to the owner, and no content from this site can in any capacity be used outside the scope of this site for being transmitted, reproduced, distributed, or used otherwise.

The social images, facts and figures, box office news, and the reports that are represented on this site ae all based on quantitative forecasts from various sources and Bollywood Petals has not independently verified these figures, and thereby cannot be held accountable for any errors in judgment and any consequences that the errors could have. Bollywood Petals shall not take liability for any direct, indirect, penal, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from these errors, or any damages whatsoever, including but not limited to the damages for the loss of data or profits that could be caused by the facts that have been reported by Bollywood Petals.



The content and the materials that have been used on this website are, to the best of the knowledge of the owner of this site, pursuant to the applicable laws and are original content. The content is provided as is, and there are no warranties of any kind, express or implied, from Bollywood Petals, including, but not limited to, non-infringement or fitness for the suitability purpose. The contents presented on this site, along with the information and the social images, including, but not limited to, user generated content, are not warranted to be uninterrupted and no liability is taken by Bollywood Petals regarding the accuracy of the facts, or for the defects to be corrected, or that the servers that are used for the distribution of the materials from this site are free of viruses. Any costs associated with the representation of these contents would be borne entirely by the concerned party and not by Bollywood Petals.

The user generated content on this forum is not the liability of Bollywood Petals and Bollywood Petals cannot, thereby, be held accountable for any issue in this regard. Bollywood Petals does not take any responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or availability of any information, content, or materials that are found on the sites that may embed the materials from this site. Bollywood Petals does not take guarantee that the users shall be satisfied with any products or services that are purchased from a third party site that may link to the site or with the third party sites or information that are contained on our site. No liability is taken for the security of any information that is disclosed at the discretion of the users, including but not limited to personal and financial information, which may be requested for by a third party. The users irrevocably waive any claim that they can have on Bollywood Petals with regard to the information, content, or the materials that are contained on the sites, including, but not limited to, user generated content, on the third party sites, and any content, information, or materials that are provided to any third party platforms. Bollywood Petals strongly advises you to have the thorough investigation required before proceeding to form any online or offline transactions with any of these third party sites.

You are responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of your private and financial information, and for any activities that may occur under your account. You, hereby, agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Bollywood Petals, our distributors, licensors, licensees, agents, representatives, and any other authorised users, and the respective resellers, distributors, service providers, and suppliers of each of the foregoing entities, and all of the respective officers, directors, employees, owners, agents, representatives, and assigns of each of the foregoing entities unaccountable for any of the losses, costs, damages, and liabilities, including, but not limited to, the settlement costs and any legal or otherwise fees and investigation expenses for the purpose of any defensive or threatening actions in association with your breach of any of the terms or conditions or the claims that arise from the use of this site from your account. You are to use your best efforts for cooperating with Bollywood Petals in our defence in case of any such claim. We still reserve the right to employ separate counsel at our own expenses, assuming exclusive defence and control of any matter that can otherwise be subject to be indemnified by you.

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