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Taj Divided by Blood: OTT Release Details | Naseeruddin Shah | Dharmendra’s new web series Stream on Zee5

taj divided by blood Release date

Taj Divided by Blood

A veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra is a star in a variety of movies. As the actor gears to release his upcoming movie Rani Aur Rocky Ki Prem Kahani which will feature Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh, He has also secured a new project. The actor will appear in a web series that focuses on the past. He as well as Naseeruddin Shah form part of the cast that will comprise ZEE5’s upcoming show “Taj Divided by Blood” The streamer announced the show on Tuesday.

Created and produced through Contiloe Digital, the series is described as an enlightening story about how the inside of things works, and the succession drama was played out in the hallowed rooms in the Mughal empire. The tale that will feature Dharmendra playing sheikh Salim Christi, captures his reign as King Akbar (Shah) and is seeking to find a suitable successor.

It focuses on the rising and falling of the generations to are to follow, showing the beauty as well as the brutality that is this mighty family, their love for architecture, poetry, and arts however, simultaneously, their extremely cold-blooded choices with regard to their family members, as they fight to be king, according to the official plot.

taj divided by blood Release date, cast, review

Taj Divided by Blood OTT Release Details

Fans can catch Taj divided by blood for free on Zee5. The official release date for the show as well as other information are yet to be released. In announcing the show, Zee5 made a post on their official social media accounts and wrote, “Mughal saltanat ke #TAJ Ki Kahani Jald Aa Rahi hai! Ab khulenge #TAJKeRaaz.

“Taj – Divided by Blood” will be available on ZEE5 on March 3.

Taj Story

Taj Divided by Blood captures the rule of the king Akbar who is seeking to find a suitable successor to his great legacy. The series explores the development and decline of the generations to follow, showing the splendor and brutality of the great Dynasty, their love for architecture, poetry, and arts and also their extremely cold-blooded choices regarding their own familymembers, in the pursuit of power.

Speaking about the show, Naseeruddin Shah said in an interview, “‘Taj – Divided by Blood’ tells the tale of power and war set against the background to the Mughal empire. The series reveals the workings of the empire’s inner circle which took place within the palaces of the Akbar’s empire. While others have attempted to recreate Mughal history, ‘Taj : Split by Blood’ is an unexplored and uncharted take on the subject, while balancing it to make the show compelling for both new and old viewers alike.”

The show, claimed to be a visually stunning performance, is novel that is filled with drama, tragedy and politics which includes deceit, jealousy, and betrayal, love, romance and lust poetry, architecture, and poetry.

When I was approached to play Anarkali I was scared but also exuberant. Anarkali is a well-known character with grace and beauty that was regarded as unrivalled and captivating beyond imagination. I was initially awestruck and in particular because of the way it was depicted by the mesmerizing Madhubala in Mughal-e-Azam.”

“What led me to take the leap was an opportunity to meet director Ron Scalpello and the writers William and Simon. Anarkali is written unique and therefore it felt as a brand new task to tackle. The co-creative nature of our conversations also contributed to my journey through the world to make it my own. It’s been a pleasure and a responsibility to take on the role of Anarkali and I’m sure I’ve done my best to the role,” she added.

Created and produced by Contiloe Digital along with William Borthwick as Showrunner and Simon Fantauzzo as the director and Ronald Scalpello as the director “Taj: Split by Blood”.

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