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Taaza Khabar Web Series | Review, Cast, Release date | Bhuvan Bam & Shriya P | Dishney Plus Hotstar

Taaza Khabar

Taaza Khabar

Taaza Khabar Web Series

A new Web-based series has been launched. Taaza Khabar One fan commented, “Bhuvan Bam and his effort to reinvent himself in a way that is different from self-created fictional characters is admirable. Vasant Gawde (Bhuvan Bam) is a stricken, poverty-stricken sanitation worker from South Mumbai, whose life changes dramatically when a small act of kindness can give him supernatural powers. As Gawde begins to control his destiny, fate could have other plans for him.


Web series review

The story of Taaza Khabar is a story about Vasya (Bhuvan Bam), an slumdog living in Byculla, South Mumbai. He manages the shauchalaya (toilets) and takes care of his beloved mother (Atisha Naik) and his angry father who is alcoholic (Vijay Nikam). The plot shifts to the other side when a small blessing (blessing) of a good deed gives Vasya supernatural powers that allow him to break news prior to it happening within the world. Along with his close-knit friends–girlfriend Madhu (Shriya Pilgaonkar) as well as his the best buddy Peter (Prathamesh Parab) Bakery owner and father-like character Mehboob Bhai (Deven Bhojani) and Mehboob’s daughter Shazia (Nitya Mathur)–he utilizes the new superpower to take control of his destiny. This is the reason why he starts an exciting journey that you’re not afraid of jumping onto.
Following the previous work on Bhuvan’s comic show ‘Dhindora’, the director Himank Gaur as well as writers Hussain And Abbas Dalal reunite again. The script starts out promising, but then becomes predictable, making you wonder where the show is headed. The story of the protagonist’s rise from being a common man living a shabby lifestyle (quite practically!) into becoming an entrepreneur is fascinating. A further plus is the dialogue that is fun and funny with just the right amount of comedy punches. Overall, this series of six episodes that runs under 30 minutes each, are a must-watch.

Bhuvan has definitely honed his acting abilities. He effortlessly conveys Vasya’s intense emotions on screen. Shriya Pilgaonkar provides the right support as Madhu prostitute with aspirations to become a designer. She is also Bhuvan’s lover. They have a lovely on-screen relationship. Shilpa Shukla plays the brothel’s owner Aapa is a minor role, but she makes her presence evident. JD Chakravarthy is a terrifying Shetty convincingly. It’s refreshing to witness Deven Bhojani back in an important role following such an extended time. The other actors provide an excellent performance, but you’re left feeling that Mahesh Manjrekar doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the character of Kismat who manages the betting industry.

The show is produced through Bhuvan Bam’s BB Ki Vines and Rohit Raj. The production values are quite decent. As Vasya’s life is turned upside down, viewers are able to quickly spot shifts in background the places and even the surrounding.
It also illustrates the way people’s attitudes and behaviors change when money is involved. The tale can be re-enacted to a certain degree however it’s not completely convincing due to obvious reasons. It’s still a good series to binge watch.


Taaza Khabar Review of Twitter:

Bhuvan Bam‘s second series on the web Taaza Khabar is finally here and has left Bam’s followers thrilled. The six-episode series is a thriller that centers around the rollercoaster lifestyle of Vasya (Bhuvan). A poor boy is taken on a quest that transforms him into a notorious Gangster.

The plot, visuals, BGM, and performances of the actors have left people captivated. In addition to Bhuvan’s admirers, other users of social media are also impressed by the narrative and the “rags-to-riches” story that is Vasant Gowde.

The series premiered shortly after, and users shared their reactions to the show. Every character was amazing. Thank you to Bhuvan Bhai and Team.” Another user wrote “#hotstarspecials #3 TaazaKhabar, watching the third episode and I can’t resist tweeting. Superb!!! I’m sorry @Bhuvan_Bam as I’m planning to binge-watch this fantastic web-based series. Great concept, fab cast.” A user added “Just completed Taaza Khabar What a fantastic performance by @Bhuvan_Bam. I loved the character transformation Season 2 ka intezar Rahega.”


Movie Explain

Vasant’s boon as-a-bane voyage begins with a chawl located within central Mumbai. The dad Ashok (Vijay Nikam) is an alcoholic while his mother Alpa (Atisha Naik) is a bit irritable with Vasant. Vasant is sweet with the sex-worker Madhu (Shriya Pilgaonkar) who is accused of being a politician by Shetty (JD Chakravarthy).

A good deed grants Vasant the opportunity to announce the news earlier than it happens. Vasant utilizes his cosmic wealth to help his family and him. His associates include Madhu and his the childhood acquaintance Peter (Prathamesh Parab), cafe owner Mehboob (Deven Bhojani) and Mehboob’s daughter Shazia (Nitya Mathur) benefit from the wealth that Vasant has accumulated overnight, even though they are sceptical of his arrogant, i-am-god-glorious grin.

This show was based upon a concept developed by Aziz Dalal. The dialogue, which is slangy, was written composed by Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal. Director Himank Gaur takes six episodes away from typical pitfalls in a familiar landscape that is populated by characters we’ve previously met.

The story unfolds in a realm of increased realistism, where money acts as the Mumbai monsoon rainstorm, but no one is able to ignore Vasant’s unexpected fortune. Determined to give Vasant his due The producers of the show overlook some of the interesting twists the story could take.

There are some welcome changes to the design. Madhu is a confident woman who works with an open mind (Shriya Pilgaonkar is now an actor in the online scene’s most effective actors). Reshma (Shilpa Shukla) is the matriarch of Madhu’s brothel, appears more conscious of her surroundings than the evil. Mehboob is in a loving relationship with his beautiful daughter, and is hilarious in his reaction to learning about her affair. Vasant’s mother, beautifully portrayed by Atisha Naik is a lovely presence.

The little moments which are punctuated with profanity and streetwise wisdom, are more effective than the overall plot, which is a tad sloppy in the usual manner (this isn’t something Vasant could make as his own). You’ll know exactly where stand when Mahesh Manjrekar bursts into the frame, as the role of a gangster called (what else is there but) Kismat. It’s predetermined, but it shouldn’t be.

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