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SK Sir Ki Class Hindi Web Series Trailer: Story Of A New Aspirant In Rajinder Nagar | Abhilash Thapliyal

SK Sir Ki Class

SK Sir Ki Class Story

SK Sir Ki Class is an upcoming spinoff of the TVF’s Aspirants. The drama’s upcoming season is expected to focus on Abhilash Thapliyal’s SKS and his new student Ashish who is which is played by Gagan Arora. The producers announced the show on Thursday, and today they’ve revealed the premiere trailer. The show also features Naveen Kasturia, and Shivankit Singh Parihar in key parts.

The trailer starts by showing an IAS officer who is scolding his son as played by Arora and educating the boy on UPSC. If you are not able to prepare properly here, then go where everyone goes to do so,” is the advice of Rajesh Jais as the father.

The montage is about Arora being transferred from Old Rajinder Nagar to have proper guidance from his tutors. Arora meets Thapliyal and admits that he isn’t interested in taking UPSC. The former is asked by the aspirant about what he’d like to be doing in the future.

After a few minutes the Thapliyal’s SK Sir informs Ashish that he’ll speak about his father’s issues on Ashish’s behalf to ensure that he doesn’t make him take the UPSC but as a recompense the SK Sir solicits a favor. In the spirit of a saint The teacher asks the student to study some topic, however, in reality trying to get him ready for India’s most difficult test without telling him.

SK Sir Ki Class Cast

SK Sir Ki Class Date of release

The episode forat will be released on February 21st with subtitles in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Youtube.


Actor Abhilash Thapliyal, who was awarded unanimity of praise for his work in the streaming show ‘TVF Aspirants”, has been given his own spin-off of the show, and it’s called “SK Sir Ki Class’. The trailer for the show was revealed on Friday. the trailer shows Abhilash’s main character who prepares himself for his pupil’s UPSC and the latter in his head has made the decision not to pursue the program.

Speaking to IANS, Abhilash recollected his experience shooting the show in the narrow streets of Delhi.

In “Aspirants,” we watched the struggle that arose between Guri, SK and Abhilash. Guri and SK’s characters were given great weight and power, however they were Abhilash as the hero. He, despite facing many difficulties, was able enjoy success at the final. In “SK Sir Ki Class” Ashish is the main character and we aren’t sure whether he’ll succeed at the end of the day or not. Is his success a way to crack UPSC or does it convince him to convince his parents that he doesn’t wish to go after UPSC? You’ll have to check the show to find out the answer.

Gagan Arora will play in the character of Ashish who is the aspirant to become. Naveen Kasturia and Shivankit Singh Pratihar will reprise role as Abhilash as well as Guri respectively. Abhilash Thapliyal is playing the insightful SK Sir again in this show. He has created a distinct following with his distinct character from ‘Aspirants‘.

The show was created by Prashant Kumar, and is directed by Pratish Mehta from TVF. The background score was created by Rohan Rohan. We hope to hear many wonderful songs in the mix such as “Aspirants”.


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