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‘SIXER’ is exclusively available on Amazon Mini TV | Sixer Series Review | Cast, Release date, Story & More

SIXER' is exclusively available

SIXER' is exclusively available

Sixer Story:

The upcoming Amazon mini-tv series Sixer is exclusively available on Amazon Mini TV. Its about the tennis player and his underdog team who participate in a local event that has no chance of winning the trophy. The series was created by Arunabh Kumar, Shreyansh Pandey and Shivankit Singh Parihar and features him in the leading character of Nikku. In addition the show has six seasons of the drama about sports, with an average running duration of just one hour.

Sixer is a story of some young people from the tiny town of Indore the sportsmanship they display and personal struggles.

The story revolves around Nikku and his comrades from his colony. It also reveals how they get together to participate in an annual local cricket tournament as a contest to be the winner along with the massive prize amount.

T20 World Cup tournament hullabaloo is the sports drama that takes place in Indore with the loutish characters that are avid cricketers. The first episode begins with Lokmanathan MLA Anant Pratap Singh announces a T10 tournament, with a an award of cash of 5 lakh rupees. The tournament’s poster printer, Alok (Rahul Tewari) decides to test to win and join his old team, Vijay Nagar Vijetas back together. The team also includes Basant who is known as Aussie (Badri Chavan, who is a fervent supporter from Australian football Australian team) and a middle-aged auto dealership Rajesh (Brij Bhushan Shukla) and a young tennis pro Gargi (Karishma Singh) and an abrasive superstar player Nikku (Shivank Singh) as well as others.

Sixer New Series Review:

Alok (Rahul Tiwari) is a poster printer is a poster printer, and runs through Nikku (Shivankit Singh Parihar) and Aussie (Badri Chavan) to create a new team for cricket, Vijay Nagar Vijetas, from their region when he discovers that the prize money is 5 lakhs.

When Aussie is convinced, the player of the team, Nikku, says no since he is given the opportunity to play against their adversaries and is considered to be one of the top teams in Indore that was created by a powerful local politician.

But the situation changes to the positive when Nikku is slammed by the politician in front of a large number of people. He then decides to rejoin Nikku’s own group.

Together with Alok, Aussie, and Nikku the Vijaya Nagar Vijetas have a number of excellent players, including the rising tennis star Gargi (Karishma Singh) and an aspiring young cricketer named Arshad (Suraj Rikame), in addition to.

First of all, Sixer highlights how the entire team has to put in time and an enormous amount of work to create the complete team of eleven players. The tournament continues to progress the show explores the personal problems and struggles of the main characters each episode.

Sixer is gripping and thrilling as the cricket team goes over a variety of obstacles one at a time in order to reach the finals.

The issues and challenges that each character faces as an individual are constantly breaking the monotony of the show.

At first, Nikku can be seen as a smug and proud person, but towards the end, Nikku makes a dramatic shift in his behavior that makes him a fantastic human being and a top player. The change in character is played exceptionally well by Parihar. From body language to many emotion, the actress has the ability to fulfill all the demands of his role elegantly.

Rikame is another character in the show. He excels throughout and portrays his role of the young, ambitious, middle-class lower-middle-class kid, Arshad with performance and ease.

While watching Badri who is the most adorable character in this emotional drama is an absolute pleasure. He is the character “Aussie,” is the only friend who is a constant source of harmony within the group and cares about everyone around him. an individual who is not the kind everyone gets to be.

Some other characters and their journeys to get there are equally compelling, such as Brij Bhushan Shukla’s Rajesh who is a middle-aged auto dealer who never had the chance to pursue his dream of becoming cricketer due to the pressures of family and social.

In addition to some amazing depictions, the writers in Sixer have done an outstanding job. Not just the dialog and story are excellent and engaging, but the final scene in every episode is thrilling.

The Viral Fever is known for its shows that are based on comedy, such as romance and drama. But we didn’t know that a truly great TVF drama series could be made without comedy.

‘SIXER’ is exclusively available on Amazon Mini TV

The producers have employed the background music with great success. It perfectly complements the story and can make an excellent music track on its own.
Even if you’re not a fan of cricket but you’ll enjoy this show because of the thrill it brings. Fans of cricket will also enjoy this show, since the games have plenty of screen time, particularly in the final episode. It is not boring for more than 42 minutes in each show. The final episode runs for 75 minutes long, and every minute is a blast. ‘SIXER’ is exclusively available on Amazon Mini TV. If you’re a fan of cricket or not, check out Sixer to experience the excitement and the story.


Sixer is a thrilling drama that will keep you hooked to it, without showing bloody scenes of cliche romances and fight scenes. It is a joy to watch, and it makes your tears flow, makes you want more content.

SIXER is exclusively available on Amazon Mini TV and streamed beginning on November 11, 2022. We would love to hear your opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

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