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Shaakuntalam Trailer Review : Movie review, release date, Cast | Samantha Ruth Prabhu Looks Stunnung | Movie Reviews


Samantha Ruth Prabhu will be seen for the first time in the mythological genre called Shaakuntalam. With great anticipation, the long-awaited trailer is now available via social media. The trailer is available across every one of the South language, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi in addition. Based on footage, this movie is an exciting visual experience for people who are fans of Samantha who will be able to see her in an unimaginable character.

Shaakuntalam trailer

The trailer’s three minutes begin in the intro of Samantha as the very first abandoned child of humankind and child of Menaka and Vishwamitra Princess Shakuntala. The actress in the role of princess appears radiant and captures the viewers’ attention with her gracefulness and class. Samantha’s chemistry and love for Dev Mohan, who is playing Dushyanta and Dushyanta, is captivating. It appears that the love story will come to a tragic end. Overall, the trailer lets Shakuntala fighting for love and fighting for war.

Samantha who is a princess

Samantha has appeared in a variety of characters throughout her career, however she is the very first she is seen in the role of a mythological character. The actress playing the character of princess Shakuntala wearing sarees and traditional clothes is the definition of elegance. Samantha’s transformation from an orphaned child to a beautiful, mature woman is stunning. The elegance of her speech and walking is proof that she’s made a lot of effort to do justice to the persona. Samantha looks magical. We can discern the magnificence in each frame. The color aesthetics are perfect.

Romance and Chemistry

Samantha is flawless with every actor she’s in a relationship with. The way she is able to show her chemistry and love for Dev Mohan, the king of the Puru Dynasty, is captivating. As a film of mythology demands that she be perfectly depicted coyness, often blushing when her king is closer to her. The romance story is epic and promises to be an eye-catching experience.

The entry of Allu Arha

Shaamkuntalam is the debut film the daughter of actor Allu Arjun, Arha Arha, who plays the part of the prince Bharata. While Arha is adorable and her appearance has attracted our attention, the VFX on Arha and the lion Arha on it is a bit to be off. It’s not realistic in any way. But those who love Allu Arjun are rejoicing watching Arha in the screen in the very first instance.

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Shaakuntalam Trailer Review

The trailer for Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s new Telugu the mythological thriller Shaakuntalam was unveiled on Monday, at a prestigious ceremony in Hyderabad. From the looks from the trailer it appears that the movie will feature Samantha at her best beautiful self in what appears to be an epic retelling of a scene of the epic tale of Mahabharata.

The trailer begins with a shot of a vast kingdom. The voiceover introduces the audience to an infant who has been abandoned birthed by Menaka as well as Viswamithra. The trailer continues with the introduction of the infant as Shaakuntala and how she was created with a mission.

Then, in the next frame in which we meet the king Dushyant and he gets to meet Shaakuntala to the very first time the forest. The first time they meet, it’s love at first glance and when the camera pans towards Samantha Shaakuntala, she appears stunning. The butterflies are everywhere when Dushyant meets Samantha for the very first time.

Cinematograph and VFX

The majority of the images in the trailer are stunning, particularly Samantha’s entrance featuring peacocks and butterflies. Mountains, rivers and everything else will certainly create a fantastic mythological film impression. There are stunning images of kingdoms, forests as well as the CGI battle where Dushyant’s army fights an Ausra King (played by Kabir Duhan Singh). Cinematography is excellent and promises to be as stunning as the Baahubali films and RRR.

But, towards the final part of the trailer an image depicting the Lion appearing does not look like it is real. The VFX appears a little relaxed, but it does its best to make up for it by having Allu Arha sitting on it.

dubbing as well as Dialogue distribution

The dubbing and delivery of Samantha is an oversight on the video. Since it’s a pure traditional English and not a modern one, it doesn’t correspond to her. Not only Samantha the dubbing of a variety of characters doesn’t appear to be flawless. She deserves particular praise because she dubs her own voice  in Telugu as well as Hindi. In a trailer with this impressive quality however, the delivery of dialogue and the dubbing are a complete disappointment.

Costumes and costumes

Costumes play a significant role in films of mythology because they reveal what the characters are all about. Shaakuntalam was a perfect example with every aspect. Neeta Lulla the fashion designer in the film, created every outfit flawlessly for Samantha Shakuntala, aka Shakuntala as well as Dev Mohan aka Dushyant. Simple sarees in maroon and white, to extravagant designs in red and orange silk sarees with a stylish silver and gold jewellery All of it looks stunning.

The Story of Shaakuntalam

Shaakuntalam’s story Shaakuntalam is based on the love epic of Shakuntala as well as the King Dushyant from Mahabharata which is portrayed with Samantha as well as Dev Mohan. Director Gunasekhar is the director and tells a unique story of love that takes place in Kashyapa Kanumalu (Kashmir).

In addition to Samantha, Dev Mohan, Shakuntalam stars Allu Arha, Sachin Khedekar, Kabir Bedi, Dr.M Mohan Babu Prakash Raj, Madhubala, Gautami, Aditi Balan, Ananya Nagalla Jisshu Sengupta and more. The film will be released in cinemas on the 17th of February, 2023.

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