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Salaam Venky Trailer Review | Latest Updates of Salaam Venky: Storyline, Star Cast,

Salaam Venky

Get the latest updates of Salaam Venky: Storyline, Star Cast, Release date, teaser, and more.

You will witness Sujatha as Kajol struggles to complete her son’s Venkatesh wish, who fights a battle every day. In this blog, we will discuss everything about the heart-warming film “Salaam Venky”: Star Cast, Release date, Storyline, Star Cast, teaser, and much more details here.


Star Cast, Release date, Story updates, a teaser:

In the film Salaam Venky: One of the dialogue is Zindagi lambi nahi, Badi Honi Chahiye, where Kajol as Sujatha’s son, is struggling every day with his disabilities. You will see the journey of the son and mom in the movie Salaam Venky. The heart-warming story will show pure love between son and mother, where the mother is struggling to keep her son alive.

Also, Salaam Venky is among the year’s most anticipated films, and the fan of Kajol are waiting to see the movie in theatres. This Movie is directed by veteran actor-director Revathy, and the film is her fifth directorial venture after her films like Mitr, Phir Milenge, Mumbai Cutting, and Kerala Cafe.

With this unique tale and novel about a mother’s pure love for her son, she is making a huge comeback in the direction after more than 12 years. Kajol introduced this movie officially on 10 November on Instagram by sharing the first movie poster. She also announced the date of the teaser release date was out on 14 November 2022.


Salaam Venky Star Cast

Kajol is going to play the role of a mother as Sujatha. She was recently seen in the family drama film that was released in 2021 on Netflix called Tribhanga. Her last film was Tanhaji, opposite her husband, Ajay Devgn.

Vishal Jethwa, who is a young and versatile actor, is playing the role of a son Venkatesh. Vishal Jethwa was seen in a few of the hot films, such as Mardaani 2, with which he was well-known as a talented actor. Also, critics praised his performance in the role of villain.

Along with Rahul Bose, Rajeev Khandelwal, and Aahana Kumra playing the major roles and Aamir Khan in a cameo role, both are seen in the lead role.

Salaam Venky Storyline 

The film stars Vishal Jethwa and Kajol in the roles. The storyline of the movie Salaam Venky revolves around a true story of a son and mom. Venky is suffering from terminal health problems with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Sujatha makes sure to fulfill her son’s wish every time, but his wish of dying is not possible as a mom. The story of the movie Salaam Veky shows how a mother struggles and counts every breath with the hope of making his son’s life better.


Release Date 

The film is slated on 9th December 2022 at the box office. As said by the Bollywood reports, the whole concept of the film is based on a true life story directed by Revathy and produced by Suraj Singh and Shraddha Agrawal under the banner of Blive Productions and RTake Studios.


Kajol on doing Salaam Venky

Kajol, in an official statement, said she feels fortunate enough to play the role of Sujata in Salaam Venky. From the time she heard the story of this movie, her heart was deeply touched, and she knew that she always wanted to be a part of the amazing story she said. Speaking about the movie, Revathy director Salaam Venky is a project that is close to heart. She says that she always believed that moms are real heroes, and through this movie Salaam Venky, it is her pleasure to become part of this incredible true story of unconditional love for her son and mother. You can watch Salaam Venky in theatres on 9 December 2022.

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