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Roktokorobi Web Series | Release Date, Review, Cast, Story | Suspense Thriller (Zee 5) Bollywood Petals

Roktokorobi web series release date

Roktokorobi Web Series (Zee5 2023)

Roktokorobi (2023) will be a forth coming mystery web series in the Zee5 Bangla OTT platform. The Bangla Web Series Zee5 Bangla Roktokorobi release date is the 3rd February 2023. Roktokorobi trailer has already been shown on the Zee5 the YT channel. Its evergreen Bengali gorgeous Raima Sen is expected to be the main star of the series. To find out more about Roktokorobi Web Series’s actor and actress and release date, as well as reviews, please read this article until the end. Rokto Korobi Zee5 web series details.

“Rokto Korobi” will tell the tale of the Mukherjee family and their secretive secrets. Bengali beauty Raima will play the part of an aspiring housewife with several secrets to share. The actress will appear in the Bengali series following a short break.

Vikram his astonishing transformation and chiselled body has become the topic of debate, will be shown in a fresh look in ‘Rokto Corobi’. The previous film starring Vikram, ‘Rudrabinar Obhish is also a suspense thriller. The actor received a lot of reviews due to his performances in the movie.

Roktokorobi zee5 web series release date

Roktokorobi Web Series Cast

A well-known actor Vikram Chatterjee is the actor who plays the role of Satyaki. Additionally, Raima Sen as Ranja is the female character. This is the entire lineup from the Roktokorobi web series.

Vikram Chatterjee as Satyaki

Raima Sen as Ranja

Laboni Sarkar as Bithi

Tulika Basu as Satyabati

Angana Ray as Meghla

Haridas Chatterjee as Kalyan aka Bhulu Jethu

Kinjal Nanda as Indi

Shantilal Mukherjee as Radhaprasanna

Bhaswar Chatterjee as Saibal

Rooqma Ray as Bidula

Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Roktokorobi zee5 web series

Release Date and Availability

The premiere season of the Roktokorobi web series will airing on the 3rd of February in 2023 via the Zee 5 app.

Roktokorobi Web Series The story or synopsis  

This series is about a dark and mysterious secret concerning family members of the Mukherjee family. In the process of coming to the aftermath of a setback in professional life, a psychologist is witnessing frightening incidents. Are they just the mind of his patient playing or is there something more to this story that is visible? Find out in Roktokorobi.

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