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Netflix “Class” OTT Release Date, Cast, Review & Trailer | Spanish series Elite’s remake Class | Bollywood Petals

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Spanish series Elite’s remake Class: The first look

Netflix is set to deliver a fresh story to life with their new show the Class 2023. The show is centered around friendships that fall apart as well as dynamics clashes and friction as students from the opposite side of town are enrolled in the elite Hampton International School. In a brief announcement that is made in the classroom, the students are dressed in a glamorous manner while they take part in the gathering during the session.

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for the upcoming Indian youth-oriented series Class. A remake of the popular Spanish show Elite, Class is set to air on the streaming service on the 3rd of February, 2023.

The two-minute trailer for the series promises to be an entertaining thriller that takes place in a school known as Hampton International. “When the pressure to live is high, emotions go through the entire body and rationality gets impaired; and the slightest trigger could cause a slip in judgement or even committing a crime. In the elite school of students, who hold the entire world in their own hands are three scholarship students who are from the other side of the track having nothing but a loss. What happens when two distinct worlds come together? The school is roiled by conflict as secrets are revealed and everyone becomes suspicious.

Class Storyline

It is evident in the trailer for the film “Class” the fact that Dheeraj, Bali and Saba are students on a new scholarship that have been accepted into Hampton one of the top schools in Delhi. Two different kinds of people come together here. One can be described as the realm of the wealthy and the second is that of those who are poor. When they get together it is full of chaos. Three students attempt to be part of society of the rich however, the moment two different worlds meet friendships break apart and new secrets are revealed and trusts are destroyed. One of the students also passes away. Police are called in and each student is scrutinized for suspicion.

Director and showrunner Ashim Ahluwalia stated in a statement “It was a huge undertaking for me to adapt a show that’s received a lot of attention across the globe and I was particularly interested to change its cinematic style and place the show within New Delhi. I was determined to create something authentic and intense and a show that traces the intense emotions that teens experience in life. I also was interested in exploring the concept of class, which we are enthralled in every day, but seldom real-time on the screen.”

Cast and Crew

Class is coordinated by Ashim Ahluwalia, this Indian rendition catches similar gathering in a school of individuals having a place from a higher economic wellbeing and the distinctions they have among themselves. The series includes various entertainers in particular Gurfateh Pirzada, Anjali Sivaraman, Ayesha Kanga, Chayan Chopra, Chintan Rachchh, Cwaayal Singh, Madhyama Segal, Moses Koul, Naina Bhan, Piyush Khati and Zeyn Shaw.

Class OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

The web-based class series Class is going to get an online premiere on the Netflix OTT platform starting February 03, 2023.

Who wrote the story?

It’s made through Bodhitree Multimedia Limited in association with Future East and The Indian Remake. The script was produced by Rajesh Devaraj, Kersi Khambatta, Raghav Kakkar, Kashyap Kapoor, and Bhaskar Hazarika.


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