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Mission Majnu Trailer Review | Release date, star cast, Movie review | Sidharth Malhotra & Rashmika Mandanna

Mission Majnu

Mission Majnu

The ardent fans who have been waiting to see the Shershaah Sidharth Malhotra’s magic in digital screens, here’s an exciting announcement for fans. After the makers had teased fans, they put the film (Mission Majnu) on the market and have launched the much-anticipated action-espionage thriller Mission Majnu’s trailer.


Mission Majnu trailer Explain

The trailer offers glimpses of the clever and shrewd police officer Amandeep Singh who is designated to be an undercover RAW agent by a high-ranking Indian officer. Amandeep is an ardent Indian who fakes getting married to with a Pakistani woman (Rashmika Mandanna). This is done to ensure that he doesn’t attract the attention of terrorists planning to launch an attack in India. 

He hides in Pakistan in which he carries the identity of an experienced tailor who is happily married and in love with his spouse. In the the trailer, fans get to see powerful images of Amandeep taking off from trains, and in the boot camp for terrorists to track their plots and bombs, without a care in his personal life. Sidharth Malhotra has been performing intense action scenes in the trailer, which only provides a preview of an adrenaline-packed adventure for fans and netizens. The trailer only reveals a small portion of the plot and created excitement and buzz about the film.


Mission Majnu trailer has received numerous praise and excitement from followers on Twitter.

“This is not just an advert but volcano..just stunned after watching the trailer,” said a fan. “Hollywood sort of vibes are emanating from this trailer…you should watch the trailer,” a fan added. “Dialogues look so powerful Mann.. Can’t be waiting to see this,” adds a fan. “This one is a smokin’ good trailer filled with positive energy and grace,”” one of the social media users said in praise. “This movie scene is a real feel of nationalistic pride! BHARAT MATA KI JAI” one fan said.

Netflix has released its trailer Mission Majnu, the streamer’s first major Indian release for 2023. A spy film with action that stars Sidharth Malhotra and Rashmika Mandanna, Mission Majnu was originally intended to be a theatrical film prior to being purchased by Netflix. It’s the most recent in a generation of nationalist-oriented Indian films where the main antagonist is Pakistan.


Malhotra is a R&AW (Research and Analysis Wing) agent, named Amandeep Singh, who is assigned to Pakistan to collect information about the development of the nuclear bomb. Amandeep works as an handyman, and later develops a romantic connection with an Pakistani woman known as Nasreen (Mandanna). Amandeep is torn between his devotion to his country and his affection for Nasreen Amandeep’s resolve is tested in the context of an rapidly growing 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. “Majnu,” by the way, is the analogy to “Romeo.”


Misson Majnu Trailer Review

In general, Mission Majnu seems to be drawing inspiration from the popular film Raazi that also shares a cast member Shishir Sharma. The film Raazi, Alia Bhatt played a Indian spy who was tied to an Pakistani army officer, set with the backdrop to the war of 1971. War. The film, however, was a refreshingly humanist approach to a very controversial geopolitical question that emphasized love, not war Mission Majnu is at the very least, based on the trailer, and is a more action-oriented film.

“Bharat mata jai (Long live India)!” Amandeep shouts at the end of the trailer after the film’s spy-craft visual effects, visual effects and romantic subplot take the center on the screen. For Malhotra, it’s returning to the familiar terrain one of his most successful films is Shershaah, which is a war-themed drama in which Malhotra played a soldier that was fighting in the Kargil War that fought between India as well as Pakistan. 

Mandanna however, who is the opposite has established a name for herself through South Indian language films, prior to stepping into Bollywood – the Hindi industry for the Hindi language in the year 2000 through the film family Goodbye. The film is actually her third Bollywood film. She is also set to appear in Animal alongside Ranbir Kapoor.

Produced by Shantanu bagchi, Mission Majnu is released just after numerous similar films with a strong sense of nationalism and chest-bumping that take place in the most polarized time period of the Indian history. The year before movies like Rashtra Kavach Om and Code Name: Tiranga incited similar feelings, but did not do well at the box-office. The Telugu historic action movie RRR which is now popular within the United States, contained symbolism and imagery that seemed to incite religion-based feelings.

Mission Majnu moving to Netflix is an appropriate move in the post-pandemic world that is now hostile to anything that isn’t an extravagant production with famous actors. The movie will be released just one week ahead of the upcoming (but much more popular) Pathaan, which will be released in a grand theater solely because of its star power. Pathaan is starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone as the lead actors. Mission Majnu is slated for an release on January 20th.

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