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‘Love Never Lies Season 3’ To Premiere On Netflix: TV Show All About Its Host, Release Date, Concept

love never lies season 3

It’s a Spanish Reality Show In which Couples are given eye-based examinations for detecting liars about their relationships before the show, Love Never Lies. brand new Spanish reality competition for relationships on Netflix We’ve never heard about Eye Detect the technology that monitors the eyes of people as they’re being asked questions and looking for signs of telling the truth or not. Evidently, it’s a genuine thingthat’s considered to be more reliable than the polygraph. It was therefore natural that it could be used to find out to prove they didn’t cheat on their SOs on the course of a reality show. Check out the article for more.

Concept from Netflix show The Love Never Lies show

The reality show features six couples who are required to confront their relationship due to things like trust and temptation playing out. The contestants will compete to win 100,000 euros.

The show’s format according to the official synopsis of the show, involves the audience on a trip of three weeks that features six couples set in an ‘idyllic setting’. Participants will be examined on their claims of being honest in their relationships. In contrast to a lie detector this is the “eye” detector which will analyze the movement of the eyes during the moment of telling the lie.

Contestants could win cash for truthful information, however lying will cost them as the amount will decrease in line with the same. Participants will have to answer difficult questions about their past partners, their sexual lives and more, and only the ‘eye detector’ will save them.


The host of this show?

The host of Love Never Lies is Monica Noranjo. It isn’t a new persona for those who are fans of Spanish music. She has been a well-known Spanish singer since the 90s. As she grew older, and in Mexico Her songs are well-known among music of the Latin American genre.

This is not the first time she’s participated in a show on TV. The other projects included in her list include La isla of tentaciones, Monica y el Sexo and Opercion Triunfo in 2018 and Temptation Island in 2020.

Love Never Lies : here are those 6 couples

love never lies season 3

Cristina Carles and Carles Together

Cristina And Carles were together for four years prior to their appearance in Love Never Lies, and they faced difficulties with trust and heartbreak throughout their appearance on the show, but they managed to get through everything. In a post on Instagram, Cristina recently said: “I can also tell that, even though we’re not in the most uplifting moment in our relationship every moment has a purpose that is why, during Amor Con Fianza we have also grown stronger than we ever were, due to everything we’ve overcame. .”

Mar along with Aleix Together

In the time that Mar and Aleix were in the Netflix relationship show “Love Never Lies,” they appeared to be deeply in love, but the problem they were faced with was security. Particularly, Aleix deemed Mar as jealous, and Mar believed that her boyfriend could be too flirty. In spite of some questionable choices made about Love Never Lies like Aleix sleeping in an apartment with a single woman Alexandria, Mar forgave him and the couple appears to be more united than ever before.

Adrian Laura LauraTogether

Adrian and Laura appear to have extremely volatile relationships, full of infidelity and lies. According to the reality show Adrian has a habit of being a frequent nightclub-goer, but he never invites his girlfriend.

At some point it appeared that Laura might quit Adrian but they seem to have overcome their issues and are still in their relationship with one other.

Kevin as well as Katherineseparated

Kevin and Katherine are now divorced after their appearance in Love Never Lies because at times she was doubtful about his sexuality. The couple took part in the experiment to establish confidence in their relationship, but they chose to break up in the fifth episode.

As per the Cinemaholic Katherine was recently back with ex boyfriend Elias while Kevin seems to be enjoying living a solo life on Tenerife.

Jose along with Fran Together

Jose and Fran began dating about 7 or 8 years old, depending on which you want to ask. They are both of them who agree that it was the first time they met.

Problems with their relationship were discussed during the show, but they are believed to be in a relationship despite not posting anything concerning their love on their social platforms.

Paula as well as Daniel Together

Granda Natives Paula and Daniel chose to be on Love Never Lies after hitting an ups and downs in their relationship, which highlighted concerns about trust and affection.

With honesty and recently realized mutual respect for each other The couple could leave the show completely in love.

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