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Lockwood & Co — Netflix Series | Release Date, Cast, Characters, Plot, Trailer, First looks | Jonathan Stroud |

Lockwood & Co Season 1

Lockwood & Co Season 1

The new British investigative thriller Lockwood & Co Season 1. is written and directed by the same team that created Attack the Block. Joe Cornish will star in the new television series, which is based on the same-titled children’s book series by author Jonathan Stroud. 

The programme follows three talented young ghost hunters as they face off against dangerous spirits at their amateur startup business, Lockwood & Co. Continue reading to learn what we currently know about the show.

Let’s go into more detail about what the movie has in store for us. The release date, cast, and other information for the upcoming series are listed here.


How the production of Lockwood & Co. started?

When it was revealed that Netflix and the production company Complete Fiction would be collaborating to produce a show based on the Lockwood & Co. book series, we first became aware of the Lockwood & Co. TV adaptation back in May 2020. 

As the series’ principal writer, principal director, and executive producer, Joe Cornish had committed to work on it. Then, Netflix formally ordered the series for a second season in December 2020. 

The series’ authors are Kara Smith, Ed Hime, and Joy Wilkinson. William McGregor has also directed a few episodes, even though Cornish is the main director. Executive producers include Nira Park and Rachael Prior in addition to Cornish.

What Is Lockwood & Co About?

Lockwood & Co. centres its attention on three young ghost hunters who are caught up in London’s haunting pandemic. The group includes a female with “extraordinary psychic talents” and two gifted men (like Eleven from Stranger Things). 

At their newly launched company Lockwood & Co., Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman), George Cubbins (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), and young psychic Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes) collaborate. The no-adults-allowed company’s nightly battles with evil zombie spirits are meant to safeguard the safety of London’s streets.


Is There a Trailer of Lockwood & Co Season 1?

Netflix published a brief teaser for the upcoming Lockwood & Co on their official YouTube account on October 26, 2022, even though there isn’t a full-length trailer yet. Anthony Lockwood and Lucy Carlyle are facing a fierce, shrieking spirit in the teaser. 

Lockwood attempts to slay the beast with some impressive combat skills, but the enraged entity causes Lucy to fall over a stair railing, and she clings on precariously above a precipitous drop. Lockwood returns and grabs Lucy’s hand to pull her to safety just as she is about to slip and take a very bad fall.

The teaser’s final few seconds provide a brief but intriguing piece of show lore: When Lockwood asks Lucy if the ghost touched her, Lucy responds, “Of course not! If it had, she would be dead.”



The trio consists of Ali Hadji-Heshmati (Alex Rider) as George Cubbins, Cameron Chapman (Bridgerton) in his first acting role as Anthony Lockwood, and Ruby Stokes (Bridgerton) as young psychic Lucy Carlyle. 

They are joined by Ivanno Jeremiah as Inspector Barnes from Humans, Luke Treadaway as The Golden Blade from Attack the Block, Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes from The Bay, and Ben Crompton as Julius Winkman from Game of Thrones.


When and where are episodes of Lockwood & Co Season 1 available? 

Lockwood & Co. was filmed in and around London for eight months starting on July 5, 2021, and finishing on March 15, 2022. Since then, it has been made known that Lockwood & Co. will hit theatres everywhere on January 27, 2023. 

On the day of its debut, Lockwood & Co will only be accessible to Netflix subscribers.


Jonathan Stroud’s children’s book series serves as the inspiration for Lockwood & Co. The five books in the bestselling book series were released in chronological order, starting in 2013 with The Screaming Staircase and ending in 2017 with The Empty Grave. Every creepy episode focuses on a different case. 

We learn more about each member of the ghost-hunting trio and how their individual gifts function from the book series. Known for having a short fuse, Lucy Carlyle uses touch to channel her psychic abilities of hearing and empathy. 

We are left to ponder Lucy’s statement to Lockwood that she would have perished if the ghost had touched her in the Netflix preview.

It appears that if she comes too close to the spirits around her due to her psychic empathy, which is fueled by touch, she can suffer the same fate as them. 

Some people describe Anthony Lockwood as a risk-taker. He formed Lockwood & Co. and serves as the organization’s founder. His magical sight allows him to see both the ghosts that haunt London and any “residue” that a violent death might have left behind. 

George Cubbins is a well-known research expert who is labelled as cynical. Though he is a Lockwood’s right-hand man, he cannot get along with Lucy as he finds it very difficult. He is said to have a possessed skull in a glass jar as a pet, and he is said to be very attached to it.

It is very difficult to recall as these are all just descriptions in the book and it is not sure whether all of the characters that have mentioned in the book will appear on the screen. 

Additionally, it appears that the cases included in the book series will be the main emphasis of the next television series. 

We can guess that the episode from which this clip is taken will depict the events from the book The Screaming Staircase because the teaser shows Lucy and Lockwood battling a screaming entity on a staircase. 

Even though there are five books in the series, there will be eight episodes in the television adaptation, giving plenty of room for brand-new cases to be investigated.



The Whispering Skull, The Hollow Boy, Further The Creeping Shadow, and The Empty Grave are the current titles in the Lockwood & Co. teen fiction series. The Screaming Staircase, the first book in the series, was published by author Jonathan Stroud in 2013; there are presently four additional.

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