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Life is Good Release Date, cast | Life if good movie review | Jackie Shroff

Life is Good

Rajit Kapoor and Jackie Shroff star in the upcoming Hindi drama film Life Is Good. Ananth Mahadevan was the director of the movie. Anand Shukla production is the name of the production company for the movie.

Rameshwar and Mishti’s emotional bond is the subject of the movie. Rameshwar leads a calm and contemplative existence in a village in northern India, but he senses that his life is slowly slipping out of his hands. The person he loved the most, his mother, had passed away. The loss of his mother had broken him. Every day, he felt his mother’s presence and thought of her.

It is up to Rameshwar to figure out how he will exist without a wife or child. Either he will have to face life alone or he may start afresh.

The Central Board of Film Certification awarded the film a “U-A” rating. The film’s appeal is heightened by the natural grandeur of the hilly surroundings, which were primarily used for filming in Maharashtra’s vast plains. Anand Shukla under his Anand Shukla Production label produced it.

Release Date of Life’s Good

The releasing date for the Ananth Mahadevan movie is currently known. The movie Life is Good will open in theatres on December 9, 2022. So reserve your seats for the movie, then go to a nearby cinema.

Ananth Mahadevan, a well-known Indian actor, screenwriter, and director who received a National Award, is behind the upcoming slice-of-life movie Life is Good, which depicts the story of unwavering love and selfless friendship.

The film’s appeal is boosted by the natural beauty of the hilly surroundings, and the majority of the filming took place in Maharashtra’s wide plains.

The director and producer of this movie is Anand Shukla. Life’s Good is an Indian drama type movie in Hindi-language produced under the banner EktAnand Pictures. Along with Sunita Sen Gupta, Nakul Sahdev, and Saanand Verma, star crew the movie also stars with Jackie Shroff, Rajit Kapur, Mohan Kapoor, Anannaya Vij, Saniya Anklesaria, and Ankita Shrivastav.

The screenplay was written by screenwriter Sujit Sen based on his own notebook while he was hospitalised in Mumbai. Originally scheduled for August 10, 2018, problems caused the film’s release to be postponed until December 9, 2022; a new date has been chosen.

Plot of Life’s Good

Rameshwar leads a sombre, tranquil life amid the scenic hills of North India, but he is gradually noticing that his world is slipping away from him. The accountant, who is going through a midlife crisis, has lost his mother, the person he loved the most.

His life was upended by her passing, leaving him all by himself. He had the impression that a shadow was pursuing him. His lack of a spouse just increased his sense of isolation.

Rameshwar must decide what to do next and manage life on his own since he has neither a wife nor children. Can he make the necessary adjustments to feel complete once more?

He first succumbs to depression. He feels as though he is trapped in life’s maze and has no reason to exist. The universe has something else in store for him, someone to help him through, so he considers terminating everything altogether.

With perfect timing, a six-year-old girl named Mishti enters Rameshwar’s life. He is fascinated by her incredible spirit and zest for life as he watches her develop from a little girl into a lady.

But as she gets older, he becomes aware that their friendship might be coming to an end. Mishti’sfiance and she are most likely moving to America. Rameshwar, though, does not consider losing her a possibility. He won’t allow another close friend to abandon him once more.

When a twist of fate strikes, Rameshwar is compelled to figure out how to move on with his life and locate the answer that seems to be there in front of him!

Star Cast of Life’s Good

A middle-aged man in the lead character of The Life’s Good Movie is played by legendary Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff. Alongside him, he has major roles in the movie alongside Rajit Kapoor, Mohan Kapoor, Darshan Jairwala, Ananya Vij, Sunita Sen, and Nakul Sahdev.

Ajit Varman composed the movie’s background music, and Ashish Ray wrote the soundtrack. With stunning voices, Asha Bhosle, Shaan, and Shreya Ghoshal perform the songs from the film. The film’s cinematography was handled by Alphonse Roy, and the south designer was handled by Bharat Singh Rathore.

Jackie Shroff on his casting in the film

Regarding this, Jackie Shroff stated, “I am thankful to Anand Shukla for starring me in this lovely movie.” Life is good teaches us how to deal with setbacks and find joy in the little things. Being reduced to a nutshell is simple, but breaking that requires great fortitude. We can achieve equilibrium in our lives through love. Always remember to live life to the fullest.

Life’s Good Review

First and foremost, Life Is Good is a lovely movie that the whole family should enjoy. Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, the director, has struck the right notes and placed his foot correctly. You won’t get bored because of how simply the screenplay is delivered. In fact, it will help you understand how important a family is.

We frequently overlook the fact that our family is making the biggest sacrifice for us because of our hectic lifestyle. The art of really embracing life was lost to us. The story has been conveyed with the utmost sincerity by author Sujit Sen. Jackie Shroff, a seasoned actor, is superb.

He brilliantly captured the faces and sentiments. Jackie Shroff is renowned for being affable and for savouring every moment.

Beautifully expressed love, compassion, and friendship can be seen in the scenes between Rameshwar and Mishti. Saniya and Ananya did a terrific job playing Mishti.

Additionally, Saanand Verma, better known as Saxena Ji from BhabijiGhar Par Hain, performed flawlessly in his role.

The unconventional movie Life Is Good is just what you need after watching all these fast-paced dramas. The music in the background is quite terrible. The plot is infused with natural beauty because to Alphonse Roy’s cinematography. This is the movie that the whole family should watch.

Where can you watch Life’s Good

You can download or rent “Life’s Good” on Apple iTunes, Google Play Movies, YouTube, and Amazon Video. Consequently, you may watch Life’s Good online. You can also watch this movie in local theatres with your family, friends, and loved ones.

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