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Lakadbaggha Story Explain | Review, Release Date, Cast | Anshuman Jha, Ridhi Dogra and Milind Soman



Lakadbaggha Story Explain

Lakadbaggha is an action drama film composed and directed by Victor Mukherjee. The film features Anshuman Jha as well as Ridhi Dogra in main roles, with Bijou Thaangjam Murari Kumar Paresh Pahuja as well as several others in the supporting parts.
The soundtrack and background music were written by Simon Fransquet, and Jean-Marc Selva was responsible for the cinematography. Anushman Jha Ridhi Dogra Paresh Pahuja and Milind Soman directed the film through the First Ray Films banner. Lakadbaggha will be an exclusive theatrical release, will be released through Platoon Studios.

Anshuman Jha’s Lakadbaggha is about an animal vigilante and lover that breaks the bones of the people who mistreat animals. Milind Soman as well as Ridhi Dogra also appear in the movie.

The trailer for yet another vigilante-themed film Lakadbaggha (hyena) will be released, but this time, the hero is not out to save people, but animals. Anshuman Jha, best recognized for his performance in Love Sex Aur Dhokha and recently as a character in Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele is the main character instructor in martial arts for children in the day, and a vigilante for animals in the evening. He takes on a number of hand-to-hand combat scenes in the stunning trailer.

This Movie is inspired by real-life events in Kolkata and tells the tale of the illegal trade in animals.

The film is set to be released following KIFF screening, “Lakadbaggha” is an ode to animals(Photo Credit: Poster from Lakadbaggha)

The film for animal lovers called “Lakadbaggha,” recently shown in the 28th annual Kolkata International Film Festival, has been set to release for January 13, 2023. The film features Anshuman Jha Ridhi Dogra, and Milind Soman.

For Anshuman The film is an affectionate message to animals and dogs all over the world.

The film , ‘Lakadbaggha’ which is based on actual happenings in Kolkata and tells the story of the illegal trade in animals will be released in theaters. The producers also shared the main poster, which carries its teaser poster’s with the tagline “It’s it’s not about the amount of dog involved in the fight, but what size is the battle in the dog” written by Mark Twain.


Speaking about the event the actor Anshuman Jha said: “‘Lakadbaggha’ is my love note for dogs (and animals everywhere) and I am eagerly waiting for everyone to get to know Arjun’s characters in January 13. He’s ordinary, and that’s his power. This is a universal movie featuring an Indian soul, set within Kolkata The action and story is unlike any other film you’ve ever seen.

Actress Ridhi Dogra said: “‘Lakadbaggha’ is truly an exceptional film. It is action packed and thrilling, but it also has a soul. Akshara my character represents the grey area between two worlds: the one of the main character and antagonist. It’s obviously special to me because it’s my big screen debut. And I’m eager for the world to see it on January 20, 2023.”

The trailer is impressive . Anshuman features some high-octane fighting scenes featuring Eksha Kerung, who is aliving police boxer and police officer of Sikkim. Ridhi Dogra is as well seen fighting Anshuman in one scene, as well as going out on an evening with him in the second. Milind Soman is also featured as a martial arts instructor as a martial arts instructor in the movie.

Produced and directed by Victor Mukherjee, Lakadbaggha is set to hit theatres on the 13th of January. It is interesting to note that it will clash against Arjun Kapoor and Tabu’s multi-starrer called Kuttey. There’s also a dialogue in the trailer of Lakadbaggha “Kuttey tabhi baunkte hain lakadbagha aaspas”nhi hota (dogs only bark when a hyena not present).”

Anshuman is taught by Tsahi Shemesh, of Avengers fame on the cast from New York. The film features French cinematographer Jean Marc Selva, Belgian composer Simon Fransquet and has action created by The Ong-Bak crew of Ketcha Khmphakdee. Speaking about his character, Anshuman says, “Arjun Bakshi is the dog’s best friend. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn in Krav-Maga and to bring his everyday yet remarkable character to life. Being normal is a powerful ability.”

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