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‘Kranti’ Movie Review: Release date, Cast, Crew, Storyline | South Indian Movie: Bollywood Petals

Kranti kannada movie

Kranti: Kannada Movie

Kranti Movie was released in the year of 2023 on Republic Day, 26th January, 2023, the film has been praised from the public, directed by V. Harikrishna, Kannada-language action film where Darshan played the lead role.

Kranti is a new South Indian Movie that was launched on the 26th of January, 2023. The film was produced and written by V. Harikrishna, who also directed “Yajamana” in the year 2019. The film was made by B. Suresha, who also directed “Yajamana” in the year 2019 as well as Shylaja Nag. The cinematography of this film is handled by A. Karunakar and the film is edited by Pasha. The music used in the film is composed by director the movie V. Harikrishna. Media House Studio is the company that produces and distributes this film.

The language used in this film is Kannada however it is also accessible as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam languages. The main characters in the film include Darshan playing Kranti Rayanna Rachita and Ram as Usha Kranti’s friend from school and love lover, Ravichandranas Bhargava Rayanna, who is Kranti’s father along with Sumalatha acting as the Chief Minister. The digital rights to the film have been transferred to Amazon Prime and the rights to release it on satellite were purchased by Udaya television.


Movie Storyline

Darshan portrays Kranti Rayanna who is one of the most successful businesspeople. He returns to his hometown from Europe after 20 years to commemorate the centenary of the public school he was educated in. After returning to India Kranti discovers the truth about educational privatisation. Kranti decides to stop thousands of government schools from being destroyed.

In addition to the suffering of students, the film is interested in showing Darshan as an alien being. Darshan is not a fan of the laws of Physics. In a plethora of fighting scenes Kranti throws villains into the air and vehicles flying. Darshan even takes off his body to perform romantic numbers (Bombe Bombe) together with Rachita Ram.

The ‘masala’ films should focus on the power of stars. However, the film is packed with hilarious and unintentionally funny action scenes The most outrageous is the one shot on a basketball court.

Other than a scene with children from the government schools and the minister of education (not a huge spoiler) There aren’t any unexpected plot twists in the film. Certain dialogues are bound to be greeted with a cheer from the fans. They give a brief look into Darshan’s tremendous potential inside the standard space. With his powerful baritone and imposing persona, he’s a perfect fit for the kind of film. However, his films make us want more.


Release Date

Kranti film was released in cinemas on January 26, 2023.

Kranti Movie Cast

The public in Kannada as well as Pan India wants to know the actors and actresses who played in this wonderful film.


Rachita Ram

Ravichandran as


Tarun Arora

Sampath Raj

  1. Ravi Shankar

Achyuth Kumar

Nimika Rathnakar

  1. Suresha

Sadhu Kokila

Kranti Movie Reviews

Kranti Movie has got 4.5 scores out of five according to recent media reports. The audience is raving about the story, the cast as well as the action in the film.

The film is unsurprising right all along. It is a standard way to deal with screenplay. The primary part of the film is centered around presenting characters as well as giving measurements on the issues looked by schools in government in the state. The subsequent part is about how Kranti can battle Salatri (Salatri Group).

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