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Korean Drama The Golden Spoon Series Review: Release Date, Cast and much More | Bollywood Petals

the golden spoon story, release date, review

The Golden Spoon Story

The main flaw in the narrative is the fact that it gave away numerous The Golden Spoon and it lowered the significance of an otherwise strong selling aspect.
Let me be truthful. I the premiere of the Yook Sung Jae show I’ve finished (I tried his previous show but I couldn’t finish in the 2nd episode). The actor is gorgeous and has the acting skills to be a great actor to. In this case, as Lee Seung Chun, he was able to catch me in his trap since the first episode. A part of his struggle with being born poor was credible and convincing and you want him to be able to overcome his situation, even if it means that someone another person is going to suffer. As a spectator, you’d like to provide him with the very best.

To become rich To be rich, one must become the equivalent of Hwang Tae Yong initially, appears to be an unlikable character. After a few episodes, he was able to change places, but unfortunately in the case of Seung Chun, the situation is not always greener on the other hand, as the actor discovered that the wealthy Tae Yong has his own personal struggles and issues that are his own. And even more tragically for Seung Chun Lee Jong Won’s excellent acting as Seung Chun is better than the first, that it is hard not to support him more that Sung Jae.

Golden Spoon has managed to convey the contrast between poor and rich quite well, though they presented it in a way in which poverty is synonymous to goodness and wealthy is associated with evil.

the golden spoon story, release date, review

The Golden Spoon’ review

Status and money – and the desire for both drive the plot of The Golden Spoon, an upcoming K-drama which tells an engaging story of class warfare. The story is the story of Lee Seung-cheon (Yook Sung-jae) who’s classes at the school are split in ‘Golden Spoons’ the ones who have been born wealthy and ‘Dirt’ Spoons’, those who have no means. The former enjoy flexing their wealth on their peers who are less fortunate, and cannot retaliate due to fear of causing offence to the upper social strata and losing their place at the prestigious school.

Seung-cheon, who is himself known as a Dirt Spoon, is painfully conscious of his social status. After losing a close friend and his family members to suicide because of an increasing amount of debt, he’s compelled to put his feet down and complete his schoolmates assignments in exchange for cash. However, a shady street vendor offers him an chance of a lifetime selling him a real golden spoon for just a few dollars that allows him to swap lives for the Golden Spoon. The buyer has three chances to reverse the switch The first one within a month; the second one after one year, and the final one after one decade.

Seung-cheon initially dismisses this as a prank and then, when a chain of events force him into a corner. Seung-cheon tosses all caution and swaps life with Hwang Tae-yong (Lee Jong-won) which is the largest Golden Spoon of them all. The resulting win presents more problems but not only does Seung-cheon recurrently bang heads with Tae-yong’s brutal dad Hwang Hyeondo (Choi Won-young) He also must deal with the specter of the real Tae-yong who is now recognizing that he lives in Seung-cheon’s home.

Based on a webtoon of 2016 that was titled the same, The Golden Spoon deserves to be praised for its writing and the pacing. Certain scenes bring on the tension and fear in a perfect way leaving the viewers guessing about what’s coming next , such as the moment we try to figure out if the golden spoon actually did work for Seung-cheon. The show also effectively creates a compelling story about shifting between desperate and rational decisions , as well as the results.

Seung-cheon’s decisions don’t appear from the air However, they are the result of his keen understanding and pressures of his status as a social diva. Although things don’t shift for him over the course of a single day however, it is becoming increasingly apparent how trading poverty to gain prosperity could also result in the loss of his freedom. The effect of this sequence in events for Seung-cheon’s personality is fascinating – now without the usual trepidation and straying between arrogance and confidence.

At first glance, Yook Sung-jae (a member of the boy band B toB) appears to be too charming as the character of Lee Seung-cheon. His adorable, boyish appearance are more appropriate to the humor of Goblin or the tension that is the Mystic pop-up bar. However, it’s not long to see him break from his meek, underdog persona. Seung-cheon is absolutely convincing using his newfound power through facial expressions so clean that one could believe he’s always been an elite. Behind this façade lies an inner turmoil. Despite receiving what he wants Seung-cheon remains attached to his previous life and, at times, even denying his old life.

Two episodes into, The Golden Spoon is full of potential. It adds an underlying character and its elements of fantasy with real-world motivations that are relatable to humans and makes it simple for viewers to imagine themselves in the characters’ shoes. It asks the subtle, yet effective question: If faced with the same situation what would you have done differently?

Release Date

“The Golden Spoon” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 9:50pm (KST) at 9:50PM KST on MBC TV and is available to stream through Disney+ in certain regions.

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