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‘Jung_E’ Movie review: Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Story | A Sci-Fi Fable About AI and Brain-Cloning


Jung E  Movie

South Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho who earned international recognition for his film Train To Busan is well-known for his sci-fi-themed films. What makes his futuristic movies easy to access is the value of family and emotionality that are present in the narratives. The most recent film, Jung E, is based on the same formula even though he’s adept at striking the emotional chord with ease, but it seems that the film has moved from fantasy to an emotional aspect.

Similar to earth shelters , they are separated into groups, which leads to a tense conflict between two sides – the Allied with the Adrian. The Allied Forces Lieutenant Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) who has been awarded several times lost his life. After a few decades of her death the daughter of her and research assistant Yun Seohyun (Kang Soo-yeon) discovers that her mother’s brain has been duplicated, enabling her to develop an AI that can fight.

Sang-ho examines a wide range of subjects influenced by Jung_E’ morality freedom and freedom, as well as capitalism consumption and dehumanisation. We find that those close to death could opt to be treated better and that companies are capable of covering the cost when the person has agreed to allow their mind to be used to conduct research. Jung-yi’s family opted for the second option, which helped in the cost of her education. Most striking is the hurt Seo-Hyun has as she watches her mother turn into just an item.

Certain aspects of what takes place also needs to be understood or determined. For instance, certain viewers may not know about certain Korean social customs of “the workplace” which could affect the way they view certain scenes. Additionally, some viewers may not be able to comprehend why the actions of certain characters aren’t more violent or regressive, which is actually a matter of with Korean cultural norms and not these particular characters. However, some viewers may also feel that they’d like to see more from this brief diving in the murky seas of robotics and artificial intelligence ethics.

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