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“Jehanabad” OTT release date: Web Series “Jehanabad” to play on SonyLIV on 3rd February 2023

Jehanabad-of Love and War release date

Jehanabad Intro

In the month of January in 2023 SonyLIV unveiled the first teaser for the upcoming series, Jehanabad, and the footage caught the attention of a number of users who expressed their excitement about the release date of this crime-thriller drama. People posted on social media to ask for the creators to release the show. Much to their excitement the team on the 24th of January 2023, revealed the date of its official streaming and much more.

The date for the release of Sony Liv’s crime-web show Jehanabad of Love and War has arrived. The Jehanabad series could be considered to be an update to the crime-fiction stories that are that are set in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The show’s creator can be identified as Sudhir Mishra and Directed by Rajeev Barnwal and Satyanshu Singh.

Jehanabad Release Date

Jehanabad in Sony Liv will stream on the platform from the 3rd of February in 2023.

Cast and Crew

Jehanabad has been directed by Rajeev Barnwal as well as Satyanshu Singh. In addition, Xoaher Musavvir has served as the DoP for the show.

The screenplay, story and dialogues were written by Rajeev Barwal. The ace filmmaker Sudhir Mishri is the showrunner for Jehanabad that has been directed through Indranil Chakraborty who operates under the Studio NEXT banner.

As the name of the show implies that the show unfolds within the Jehanabad district that was once a notoriously crime-ridden area. It is clear from the teaser. Two teens riding bikes carry a severed head as well as bomb in the bag. Their conversation is normal and as if it doesn’t have any significance. This is a sign of how crime is normalized. The jailbreak of 2005 will also be featured on the series. A love story can be found in the m’dst of an ever-evolving flow of criminality.

The story is set in Jehanabad which is a small municipality located in Bihar, the show examines the consequences of the issues that result from a long-standing history that has been a victim of Naxalism and Caste inequalities. The central plot revolves on the romance of a professor who is progressive as well as his pupil. Their plans to marry each to each other are interrupted by the chaos of war between Naxalites and police forces. The story goes into the subject of brutal caste discrimination as well as the reactionaries who are planning a jailbreak to their chief.

Based on True Incident

The Web series is based upon the famous Jehanabad Jailbreak in 2005, where up to 372 prisoners ran away from the prison in a well-planned escape.

The web series “Jehanabad-Of Love & War explores the dim shades that exist in a world that professes to be righteous. Screenplays have been expertly weaved using themes such as suspense romance, crime and revenge, making the movie a fascinating to watch. The outstanding performances of the cast have been a huge help in bringing this promising tale to life in all its splendor. It’s even more exciting that the show is available to the viewers of Sony LIV which is leading the way in storytelling stories distinctly Indian.”

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