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Indian Predator: Beast of Bangalore Upcoming Series Review | ‘Beast Of Bangalore’ | Bollywood Petals

Indian Predator


The biggest achievement for Netflix India in terms of the original series is Indian Predator: “Beast Of Bangalore”. The series is based in Bangalore. The original version of this film is in the Kannada language. Later Netflix India made its premiere in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu language too. This can be viewed only on the Netflix App. It is my firm belief that Beast Of Bangalore will undoubtedly earn immense popularity around the globe.


Indian Predator – Beast Of Bangalore SERIES DETAILS

The film “Beast Of Bangalore” talks about a woman who is killed by the “beast” in a very cruel manner. Even the police officers were shocked by the brutality of the crime. Unfortunately, her little son had to see his mother in that condition and it was the last time he saw his mother. ‘Beast Of Bangalore’ is an action comedy whose only aim is to glorify its hero’s character. It is just an ordinary commercial entertainer that has exaggerated action sequences.

Netflix released the first trailer for the upcoming Season 4 of its Indian Original true crime series, ‘Indian Predator’. The new season is titled ‘Beast Of Bangalore’, and it will premiere on Netflix worldwide on December 16, 2022. ‘Indian Predator: Beast Of Bangalore’ is the fourth season of Netflix’s Indian true crime series within six months. The new installment of the series focuses on the gruesome deeds of yet another serial killer of Indian crime.

The ‘Indian Predator: Beast Of Bangalore’ trailer indicates that this season will be the most interesting of the four seasons of the series. Netflix is actively trying to broaden its true-crime incidents in India and has so far released three entries in the Indian Predator series. “Beast Of Bangalore” is the fourth series.

Last year, Indian Predator was described as a “thrilling and suspenseful dossier that attempts to interpret the minds of some of India’s deadliest killers.” The first installment was “Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi” released in July. The second was Indian “Predator: The Diary of a Serial Killer”, which was released in September, and the third one, Indian “Predator: Murder in a Courtroom”, was released in October. “Beast of Bangalore will release on December 16. People can watch the trailer as soon as it’s released.

Netflix debuted the trailer for Beast of Bangalore, the fourth installment in the banner’s Indian Predator series of true-crime documentaries. It tells the story of a “freak” killer of women whose crimes sent shock waves throughout the Indian state of Karnataka. He was named the beast of Bangalore who terrorized Bangalore city by murdering women in the broad daylight to the point where women think they are helpless, rush inside their houses and jump in fear. There was a time when people were afraid of their shadows too because there was fear psychosis in the minds of the people of Bangalore that the beast was loitering around them.




The trailer revealed that the killer wore underwear in the bed. It seems that he would always be planning for his next move. Observer says that his criminal mind would always be working. The series is based on the Umesh Reddy case. A former police officer, Reddy operated mainly in the ‘90s, and in 2009, his conviction in nine murder cases was upheld by the Supreme Court. He is currently on death row. In the trailer, Reddy is described as a “beast” and an “animal.” People treat him like a demon.

Like the previous three entries in the Indian Predator series, Beast of Bangalore is a dramatic recreations presented by Netflix.


The “Indian Predator” web documentary series of Netflix India has received an immensely positive response from viewers. The public demands for this series are growing day by day.



Anyone who has been following the journey of Netflix India closely would have noticed the recent focus on regional movies/series, especially ones in South Indian languages. We’ve seen Netflix originals and more in languages like Telugu and Tamil over the past few months on the streaming platform. Coming as a pleasant surprise to true crime fans, Netflix has launched the trailer for their remarkable new series.

Netflix has an all-new docu-series that will hit the streaming platform soon covering investigative procedures and stories of Bangalore Police, surrounding four major crimes.

From the above account of this series, considering the viewer’s demand, Netflix will create more web series where thrills with action will be available soon. I always prefer to watch web series created by Netflix. People will eagerly wait for Netflix’s hilarious movies in its upcoming series.

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