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In March During a Live Solo Debut For BTS’ Angelic Vocalist Jimin talks about his plans | Bollywood Petals

Jimin New Music Video

BTS’ Jimin will perform live music for fans as he makes his solo debut in March. In light of South Korean media coverage on February 11, Jimin will be on the stage of music broadcasts just in time for the launch of his own album on March.

Jimin’s solo debut:

The officials who work for BIGHIT MUSIC, Jimin’s agency have recently met with officials from the world of music broadcasting to discuss Jimin’s new solo album. It’s believed that Jimin will perform around two songs. On October 10, during an online broadcast through Weverse, Jimin directly revealed about his return in March, stating “I’m preparing a lot of things I can do with you.” We’re in the process of preparing many things,” he said.

On the music broadcast return stage, Jimin communicated directly with fans and revealed a stunning solo debut. It’s his first solo album since joining BTS. Jimin has released a solo album since his debut as BTS in the year 2013. Also released a variety of singles through his BTS songs. Alongside songs from albums like “Filter,” “Lie,” and ‘Serendipity’ he also dropped the tvN show “Our Blues” OST “With You which was well-received. Jimin demonstrated his strength by working with BIGBANG’s Taeyang’s brand new”VIBE” song, which was released on the 13th of January.

BTS’s brand new song VIBE:

The video music for BTS’s brand new song “VIBE,” featuring Big Bang’s Taeyang worked with BTS’s Jimin has crossed the 71 million views it has received on YouTube. The music video for ‘VIBE’ reached 20 million views in just one day after its the release, and then 40 million views within 3 days and 50 million views within six days with 60 million views within 14 days, showing that the video is attracting a lot of attention. It also is ranked 7th in YouTube’s Top 100 Korean Music Videos and is still within the top 10 of YouTube’s Top 100.

While ‘VIBE’ an album that conveys delicate emotions that are expressed through “VIBE” as an intimate relationship with humorous lyrics. The hypnotic beat and Jimin and Taeyang’s beautiful voices collide. The music video “VIBE” has been gaining attention as the “best ever” collaboration of Taeyang with Jimin.

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