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HanuMan Teaser Review : Netizens call VFX of Prasanth Varma’s film ‘better’ than Prabhas starrer Adipurush


Don’t miss the HanuMan teaser –get insights about the movie

The official Teaser of HanuMan, starring Teja Sajja in the titular role, was revealed on 21 November, Monday. It has built a fair deal of buzz on social media outlets, praising the presentation and VFX. Fans have compared it to the teaser of Adipurush. The consensus is that the trailer of HanuMan has better VFX than the Prabhas film. They also praised the movie makers of the Teja Sajja-led movie for doing a commendable task on a limited budget.


Fans compare Adipurush and Hanuman Trailers.

The HanuMan trailer, Teja Sajja’s first pan-India film, is out now. It has got a thumbs-up from fans. Most of them feel that it is best than the trailer of Prabha’s Adipurush.


The Adipurush incident

If you don’t know, the teaser of Adipurush was released in October amid fanfare. Also, failed to stay up to expectations. Several trolled it calling it a cheap copy of Games of Thrones. The movie makers have planned against releasing the movie during Sankranti 2023. Adipurush is expected to strike the screen in June.

All about the Hanuman movie

Coming back, the HanuMan movie is touted to be a superhero movie set in the fictional village of Anjandari. The movie is directed by Prashanth Varma, best well-recognized to several for his 2018 movie Awe. As per him, HanuMan delivers to an audience worldwide.

We even shot a few shots in other languages, ensuring that they may also feel like it is their own movie. Hanuman is a World Star of Pan. We are making the best movie. I also thank producer Venkat Kumar, who is working harder than me, as he said.

It is the first superhero movie in Telugu cinema, and the HanuMan movie is directed and written by Prasanth Varma. He is well-recognized for directing for Zombie Reddy in 2021 and Awe in 2018.

Varma is nothing is a visionary director well-recognized for redefining Telugu culture with ground-breaking concepts. The movie was launched by him on 29 May 2021, which coincides with his birthday, and since then, it has piqued the interest of Indian enthusiasts.

The movie was introduced officially in June 2021 with a pooja ceremony, and the movie also started on the same day. Mollywood heartthrob Dulquer Salmaan September 2021, introduced the first look of the movie.

Star Cast HanuMan Movie

The HanuMan film is produced by Prime show entertainment, and the movie stars promising Teja Sajja as young talent in the lead role of Hanumanthu. He was seen in the last in the movie Adbhutham the romantic sci-fi movie, which was directly released on Hotstar+Disney in November 2021. Along with Teja Sajja, the movie also stars Amritha Aiyer as Meenakshi, Vinai Rai as Michael, versatile actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Anjamma, and Raj Deepak Shetty in the major role.


Hanu-Man Trailer and release date

The superhero movie is expected to be released in 2022 December in dubbed Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, and Malayalam versions. Also, it is also reported that the nontheatrical rights of the films Telugu and Hindi forms have been acquired for a whopping Rs 16 Crore by Zee Network.

The movie makers of the movie shared a few new updates about its trailer. It was confirmed that the trailer might be released on 15 November 2022, but veteran Superstar Krishna’s demise left Bollywood in shock, and the trailer introduced even got postponed. Now released on Monday, 21 November, it is a mythological action drama. VFX looks stunning and rich.

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