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Gulmohar Trailer Out (2023) | Release Date, Review, Cast, Trailer | Manoj Bajpayee, Sharmila Tagore | Disney+ Hotstar Film

Gulmohar Trailer | Manoj Bajpayee

Gulmohar Movie (2023)

Gulmohar: The Batra family has made the decision to leave their home of 34 years. With only four days to make the move the family drama gets more intense than ever before.

Within the chaos, the insecurities secrets, insecurities, and the bond that holds them together resurface.

The drama about the family will mark the veteran actor Sharmila Tagore’s return to the screen following an absence of ten years.

Manoj Bajpayee is ready to fulfill his promise to introduce his family, but this isn’t the family you’ve been anticipating. After releasing a brief post on Twitter on Tuesday in which Manoj declared that he would be bringing the members of his “family,” it seemed as if he was teasing his new series of The Family Man. Turns out, the Satya actor was teasing his forthcoming film Gulmohar.

This Wednesday Manoj uploaded the picture that he posted of Gulmohar through his Twitter account accounts with the caption “Family Milane, se milane vaada vaada kiya Toh nibhana bhi padega do? Gulmohar is only on Disneyplus Hotstar. (Promised you to meet my familymembers, and now I have to fulfill it. The Batra family is due to arrive on March 3rd.).”

Gulmohar Trailer | Manoj Bajpayee


On the Sunday of February 11 Manoj Bajpayee tweeted the official trailer for Gulmohar to draw the attention of his fans. The film features a number of emotions that showcase the difficulties that the Batras the dysfunctional family. Bajpayee as well as Sharmila Tagore captivate viewers by their natural and raw energy. Their performances are sure to delight viewers.

This past Saturday the makers of Gulmohar released the trailer of the family-friendly film with heartwarming performances by Manoj Bajpayee, Sharmila Tagore, Amol Palekar, Simran and Suraj Sharma. In the trailer, the filmmakers posted, “Change is never easy however, the one thing that holds us together is our family. 

Movie Details

Disney+ Hotstar film “Gulmohar” marks the comeback film of veteran Indian actor Sharmila Tagore and also the film debut for Rahul V. Chittella.

Tagore, who first appeared in Satyajit Ray’s “The World of Apu” (1959) was last seen in “Break Ke Baad” (2010). Chittella has directed several shorts , and was previously a part of “Monsoon Wedding” filmmaker Mira Nair.

The ensemble also include Manoj Baypayee ( Rotterdam competition film “Joram”), Suraj Sharma (“Life of Pi“), Amol Palekar (“Farzi“) and Simran (“Petta“).

The film is set in Delhi, “Gulmohar” follows the last 4 days for the Batra family that lives in their family home of 34 years in the city of their dreams.

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