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Freeridge Netflix Web Series: Release date, cast and trailer, air time, plot, and more

Freeridge Netflix Web series

“Freeridge” Netflix Web Series, release date casting, release date, and everything else you need to be aware of.

Netflix is expected to launch another spin-off of the popular teen show On My Block which came to an end in the month of October 2021. We’ve got the latest information regarding the new show up to now, and extra details on the characters to be featured in Freeridge.

On My Block is one of the most impressive of Netflix’s comedic selection in recent times. It premiered on Netflix in March of 2018 and is currently in the 4th and last season of Netflix.

Netflix is announcing that although the main series is coming to an end. the real-life LA city of Freerige for the second time with the brand new spin-off.

The coming-of-age shows are enjoying a massive event at the moment on Netflix and we’re not complaining. Alongside Ginny & Georgia season 2 taking the world to the streets, Lockwood & Co. is landing on the streaming giant’s platform soon and so will Freerige.

If you’re a huge fan of On My Block, you’ll surely be looking forward to the spin-off show which focuses on a brand new core group of four friends who are navigating the typical teenage drama as well as the dark curse.

From the look of the trailer’s new look the show is expected to be an entertaining story of adventure, and sibling rivalries. The show will be available on Netflix in February, so read below for everything we’ve learned about the show to date, including the cast and the release date.

The spin-off of On My Block called ‘Freerdge’ is a comedy for young adults that centers around the rivalry of two siblings. They and their family members have broken the curse that brought luck and bad luck to their lives. The show is an eight-episode series. “Freeridge” will air on February 2nd, 2023, on Netflix.

Freeridge: Release Date

On My Block first came out On My Block was released on Netflix in 2018 and it was a huge success due to its humor and high-energy teenage drama. The show was unfortunately brought to an end in the fourth season’s final episode which premiered in the month of October, 2021.

For those who love the show who love the show, will have the same gags return, and we don’t have much time to wait. The new comedy series, which will run for eight seasons will premiere by Netflix on Tuesday, February 2nd.


The Cast

The original cast members from On My Block have been confirmed to not appear on Freeridge however it’s possible that they could appear for a brief appearance. The most well-known face of the cast’s new ensemble is Keyla Monterroso Mejia. Mejia played a comical role in the Season 11 episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which she played a truly talented young actress. On Freerige her character is playing Gloria as an Latina teenager who’s hard-working driven, enthusiastic, and could be the group’s leader. The younger sibling of Gloria Ines is played by Bryana Salaz, who is the main actor on The Netflix program team Kaylie She has previously appeared on Season Seven of The Voice as Team Gwen Stefani. Ines is smart and academically successful she skipped one grade in her school.


What number of episodes are within Freeridge

The series has eight parts of the show with each episode varying between the length of 24 and 27 minutes.

Here’s a breakdown of episodes’ titles from season 1:

Episode 1 – The Box

2 – Cake

3 – Cinnamon

4 – Dead Mom

5 – Edward Claw Hands

6 – Revenge

7 – Karmic Coincidence

8 – Thanksgiving

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