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First Look Teaser Trailer – I AM LEGEND 2 | Will Smith Movie | release date, cast and Everything Else We Know


In the world of entertainment, Hollywood does not waste time in putting together a sequel, a prequel or even a new one when a film is a box-office success. Therefore, I Am Legend fans were shocked to learn that there were no discussions about a continuation of the story after they saw that Will Smith movie became a huge success. In the midst of 10 years more later, a sequel the 2007 movie is being planned! We’ve got all we are aware of regarding I Am Legend 2 so far.

I Am Legend premiered in theaters in 2007 and earned $585.4 million in the world box office all over the world. Box Office Mojo reports that I Am Legend opened to “the biggest box office ever for a non-Christmas movie that was released during December.” Furthermore it was the seventh-highest-grossing film that year.

It’s too late to find out everything we know about the forthcoming film, but here’s what we’ve learned. Remember to save this site since we’ll update it as soon as we get more information.

I Am Legend 2 release date and release date predictions

Don’t expect to see this film! Although there’s no official release date announced as of yet it is expected that the film will debut until 2023. The movie seemed to be going well until the sudden slap. It appears that the production is now planning to hold off until Will Smith’s popularity rises back up. This means that the film may not release until the middle of 2024 or later.


At the time of writing, we know the following: Will Smith will be back (most likely appearing as a flashback) as well as Michael B. Jordan. What a great duo! I’m excited to see them both in this film together.

It’s important to know that there’s no director, Deadline reports, but Akiva Goldsman, who wrote the original film, is returning to create the sequel and also produce.

I Am Legend 2 synopsis

The details of the plot aren’t available. We’ll probably not know anything until we see a teaser trailer or more details are released. We’ll keep you informed.

The end in I Am Legend makes the announcement of a sequel intriguing. We can all now understand fighting against a devastating global illness and the global fear and suffering that have resulted. The sequel was officially approved despite the film’s main character, Will Smith, making headlines for all sorts of untrue motives at 2022’s Academy Awards. But, Will Smith is undoubtedly one of the most well-known actors in Hollywood and, absolutely, Will Smith won’t let I Am Legend 2 go.

I Am Legend tells the story of the scientist Robert Neville. He is a shrewd survivor of the brutal post-apocalyptic city streets of New York City with no anyone to trust except his beloved dog Samantha. He also has the memory from his husband and his young daughter who died. Nearly all of the population transformed into murderous, ravenous physically enhanced mutants or killed as a result of an engineering experiment with viruses that went badly, Robert dedicates his scientific knowledge to a desperate attempt to heal the disease of mutants and save humanity.

Robert is a man who adheres to a strict routine to ensure his security. He employs salt to disguise his scent in his apartment to stop the mutants from coming after him. He eliminates the monsters whenever they are found. He is striving to eradicate the deadly disease that threatens to wipe humanity out. Everything is fine with Robert Sam and Sam up until two sisters trying to find the last human population that is not infected disrupts his delicate balance.

I Am Legend 2: The Plot

There are hints regarding which direction you can expect the I Am Legend sequel will begin, both in the novel’s original story and the alternate ending. The movie’s theatrical finale is quite emotional, but very polarized. Neville who has just found the cure for the virus and established the means for his friends to avoid the mutants who are slamming across the glass entrance into his lab, observes the cracking wall that separates the mutants and him in the form of a butterfly.

The daughter of Neville’s late mother always seemed to be exaggerating butterflies, so Neville interprets this as an indication of the final chapter. Neville plunges his way through the window, exploding the grenade, after which his mother and daughter have escaped through the escape and it appears to be the end of his tale.

This is where things become complicated. In both the novel and the film, in his research into the mutants Neville finds that, despite trying to kill non-infected people They have their own established society with rules, regulations, and social relationships. However, he’s dismayed by their existence is threatening the revival of something similar to what he used to refer to as humanity to take a stance on.

In the original source material Richard Matheson’s novel with identical title The term “legend” in itself is a reference to how the cruel treatment of Neville of mutants. This includes cruel experiments and the aim of destroying them in any way that is feasible. This has made him an outsider, in contrast to the way his final cure for the disease would make him an icon, as suggested by the film.

In the novel, since the mutants have become the dominant species and Neville has utterly transformed himself into their sworn enemy He will be the mythical symbol of annihilation and violence to their people. Once he realizes this, Neville accepts that he will be killed by mutants, and dies with no other desire to kill the mutants, but only himself.

The film of Will Smith, however has released an alternate ending in order to please readers of the novel who were upset by the way the movie depicted Neville as a sacrificed hero. The alternative ending showed Neville coming to the same realizations, but not dying. He is left in solitude, unable to overcome his guilt and regrets.

In essence there are three possible scenarios for the film that could drive in the next installment: Neville’s death and his legacy as the legend who helped cure mutants’ viruses Neville’s death and legacy in the form of the monster that tried to eradicate mutants because they differed from his; and finally, Neville’s longevity and guilt over having tried to eliminate mutants based on the fact that they were different to him.

There are many options and possibilities to alter the truth of the movie’s end to create a stunningly amazing sequel that seems to be inevitable. In the end, we’ll likely see a combination of all the endings which are sure to knock us from our seats.

Movie Release Date

There’s no official date for release yet in the case of I Am Legend 2. Will Smith, however, announced the news of production for I Am Legend 2 on the 4th of March 2022. Smith posted on Instagram to share a devious picture, with no caption of a deserted town street. But the public was quick to react when another big-name actor posted the exact same image on his own social media accounts too.

Initially, the probable date for release was for next year. However, based on what took place during the Academy Awards gala — actually, since this point, it appears that news of the film was halted and so did the presence that of Will Smith in Emancipation, it’s likely it’s likely that at very least, I Am Legend 2 isn’t scheduled to release until 2024.

But, the incident during the Academy Awards doesn’t seem to be the sole reasons I Am Legend 2 is delayed. It’s a pity because fans have high hopes for the movie and cannot be patient to see what the directors and writers are up to!

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