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Faraaz Movie Review: Release Date, Cast, Story Much More | Hansal Mehta, Zahan Kapoor

Faraaz movie review: release date , cast and much more about the film

Faraaz Movie Review

Faraaz is a hostage-taking drama inspired by a real incident that took place in 2016 when five men heavily armed have taken over a café in Dhaka in the night. In the ensuing shooting, numerous diners, many of foreigners were killed. One of them were Faraaz an Bangladeshi Muslim, the scion of a wealthyand well-connected family. With exemplary courage, he speaks to defend his fellow hostages and one of them is being a Hindu. The next morning the frightened survivors depart, Faraaz will not there.

Nibras (Aditya Rawal ), Paresh Rawal’s grandson) is the leader of this group of extremists who enter the cafe for the sole purpose to kill non-Muslims within the home. They demand that people read any verse in Quran as a way to survive, however Faraaz (Zahan Kapoor Shashi Kapoor’s grandson) is the son of a multi-millionaire conglomerate boss, chooses to remain behind for his Hindu friend and become the best part of the ‘good or bad Muslim debate. What happened to him and the other 30+ people in the night is the story revolves around.

Faraaz Movie Review: Script Analysis

Ritesh Shah Kashyap Kapoor, and Raghav Kakkar have written a piece that could easily been written after having watched an entire 10 minutes of video on YouTube about the incident. To not disrespect their efforts of anyone, but the writers missed an abundance of “available online’ information to highlight the heart-wrenching tragedy that occurred the night of.

“How do you explain this? He was the sole earning one of his family members. What should be my next move with my twin daughters? My two daughters are way too young to know what’s been happening for their dad. They call his phone every day , but the phone is turned off.” the BBC interview by his wife, the Chef’s head chef who was killed the day before gave the chills that I have never felt in the entire documentary. “I will never be able to ensure the safety of anyone in the future,” said Holey Artisan Bakery’s co-owner Arsalan after the incident took place. What’s the reason this incident didn’t get to the point of climax in lieu of an address which had no impact?

Sure, Faraaz did an incredible job making the choice to die rather than doubting his faith however, you’ll need to establish his character in order to create a sense of emotional connection with his sacrifice. Give us some lines from Faraaz regarding how he’s seeking his Islam to be protected from terrorists and ask us to not only feel for his stance, but also be able to accept his message that entire film was based off his character. It’s more to ask of an audience that’s seen a variety of films that follow similar topics.

Hansal Mehta‘s long-time trusted cinematographer Pratham Mehta continues to be the most memorable thing to happen to the otherwise mundane story. The suspense in the cafe’s hallways is beautifully constructed as the camera moves through the savage atmosphere generated by the trio’s tight screenplay. Amitesh Mitesh Mukherjee’s tense editing assists the overall pace stay in check despite the lengthy narrative in the second third.

Star Performance

Aditya Rawal is able to bring the innocent brutality to the character of Nibras. The way he goes from being disgusting to being neighborly is incredibly difficult for even experienced actors. The stares that he gives reveal a lot about the type of actor he’s destined to become in the business.

Zahan Kapoor, unfortunately, is a victim of poor character writing, and despite having the role of the title, the actor isn’t at the heart of the story. He’s decent as a performer however, you’d expect more from the character you find on every promotional piece and even that film’s title. Juhi Babbar, who is an obstinate mother who will take any action to ensure his child is secure is a thoughtful and well-constructed performance. Sachin Lalwani, the sole terrorist besides Nibras who has screen time, continues to be a good actor with a weak character.

Direction, Music

Hansal Mehta, the man behind classics such as Shahid, Aligarh, and CityLights is unable to effectively depict the manipulation of radical minds being brainwashed to serve a purpose that they aren’t aware of.

The film is comprised of one track, Musafir Ko, written and composed by the incredibly gifted Sameer Rahat (My Dil was awarded a rahat to commemorate his first entry into the world of film). Siddharth’s haunting background score helps to create tension to provide a satisfying viewing experience.

Release Date

Faraaz will be released on February 3rd, 2023.



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