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Dharavi Bank Web Series Review: Suniel Shetty, Vivek Oberoi | Dharavi Bank |

Dharavi Bank

Dharavi Bank About the movie and Characters 


Dharavi Bank The show recounts the story of a Thalaivan which is played by the famous Suniel Shetty, a mobster with a business worth more than 30,000 crores from Mumbai’s Dharavi, one of the biggest slums in Asia. The movie Dharavi Bank, which debuted on MX Player on November 19, is about the titular criminal organization, which is run out on the Dharavi slums in Mumbai by Thalaivan, a man who is both strong and dangerous. He is a parallel government, moreover, he has Bollywood stars and politicians in his pocket. Because of his riches, opulence, and position, he has a solid command over the entire neighborhood and the locals residing there. Even the administration is also threatened by Thalaivan’s popularity and influence.

In particular, Janvi Surve played by Sonali Kulkarni, the chief minister of Maharashtra, wants to get rid of him for political reasons and hence collaborates with Joint Commissioner of Police Jayant Gavaskar the role of who is played by Vivek Anand Oberoi, who plans to remove Thalaivan from the office. As a result, a battle breaks out, and the plot centers on who will win this conflict by killing whom.


Genre of the Dharavi Bank Movie


There is plenty of room for violence, gore, and thugs in this thriller plot. Something we’ve seen far too much in Bollywood movies of the same genre and on various other OTT platforms. Although there are some predictable twists and turns in this novel (by Sarthak Das Gupta), it mostly succeeds in holding your interest. However, the lengthy 10-hour episodes occasionally make it a tedious watch. Long periods of silence, close attention, and sequences with only the background music playing can no longer hold the audience’s attention. A more focused cut would have undoubtedly helped the show keep the viewers interested and encouraged binge-watching it for a longer period.

Every episode features nonstop action, yet the first half is devoted to drama development, and the second half is more like a hunt which makes it more engrossing. Apart from the outstanding acting by the cast, the show’s whole-heartedly written plot causes the cat-and-mouse pursuit between the cops and the gang boss to get interesting and strengthen its appeal. There is a chance for a second season because it finishes on a cliffhanger and with some suspense.


Movie Casts

Although, in his OTT debut as the ruthless and effervescent gang leader of Dharavi, Suniel Shetty outshines everyone. Anna demonstrates that he is the ideal choice for the character of Thalavian, from his solemn expression to his fierce loyalty to his family and his donning of the clean white Mundu. Jayant Gavaskar is played faithfully by Vivek Oberoi. His character arc, moreover, could not have been any stronger and better. Also what is interesting is that Janvi Surve is portrayed by Sonali Kulkarni in a brand-new avatar. She is humble yet cruel at the same time when it comes to keeping her status and fame. The remainder of the supporting performers did a good job in their roles too. From the close-up pictures of the actors to the aerial shots of Dharavi, the camera work can be termed excellent and iconic. Vijay Mishra’s cinematography gives the program a genuine vibe and commendable clarity.


About the show and production


“Dharavi Bank” joins the expanding number of grim dramas that offer viewers something brand new, what with all the thrill, drama, and unpredictable story twists. What stands out in this situation are the cast’s superb performances, which keep the audience interested in the production of the series.

Though the production value is very high stand the film’s core is an ordinary and stand firm-worthy action the film with dialogue-appropriate scenes, slow-motion action, and a suitable quantity of gore. The Dharavi Bank performs various things correctly. The background score, especially the title song, is catchy and does a good job of establishing the atmosphere. Another thing it does well is the characters’ level of grayness. None of the characters, not even the heroic cop, are entirely white. No one is black either, not even the psychopath who murders and tortures those whom the don hires. It makes the characters and their conflict more intriguing and way more interesting.

But as far as the positive aspects go, the show is a jumble of action that enriches the delicacy and slickness that it needed to accomplish, and some wonderful acting that compels the actors to gain all nuance and subtlety. There are many other excellent performers available too, the show does embrace and makes use of their abilities. Suniel Shetty provides his inherent charming screen presence and swagger, also the show encourages him to wear prosthetics that gracefully bring out his facial expressions and a good Tamil accent. It is again good to see that Vivek Oberoi, who has portrayed complex characters in several movies, is encouraged to play the stereotypical vengeful cop, which leaves him with vast room for creativity.

The majority of the characters, including the obligatory loud corrupt politician who occasionally mouths Marathi’s expletives and the sinister-looking right-hand man, are stereotypes of what one would expect to see in a gangster movie. The angry older son and the cool, collected younger one are among those stereotypes.


People’s opinion and reviews


The show is said to be popular and liked by the people because of its shrillness and propensity towards dialogue baazi. It is equipped with all the intricacy and subtlety that viewers have grown to anticipate from online programs in this genre in recent years. The loud action format used in the web series seemed to be enjoyable, and the OTT channel audience of days looks satisfied with the used format, which Dharavi Bank used in abundance. Even the loudness itself is perceived to be entertaining in a masala sense when done correctly.

The reviews of “Dharavi Bank” compel people to watch the thrill-crime series. One viewer said that it was much needed. He seemed to be fascinated by the depiction of the characters and cast. He also encouraged the amount of action, gore, intensity, and drama present in the show. People seemed to be impressed by the acting and role played by Suneil Shetty as well as Vivek Oberoi. Another viewer of the show mentioned that he was thrilled by the plot as it was suspenseful and not at all easy to predict.

Dharavi Bank
Dharavi Bank

But as a coin has two different faces, in the same way, some people seemed to have disliked the show. One viewer said that the web series had a weak storyline and poor script. Also, some people found it tiresome to watch the entire 10 episodes and have accused the makers of repeating the story in different episodes.

However, despite all such reviews, the show is rated 9.3 on IMDb.


Chaos and Problems faced by makers

With great shows come great difficulties. The makers of the show had to confront some chaos as about 300 set workers engaged on the set of the OTT show “Dharavi Bank, stopped working for about five hours because they had not been paid for their work even after working for almost a month. This left the cast and crew in a bind. It had been thought that the issue resulted from a communication breakdown between the production team and the art director.

Despite all the problems, the show has been widely watched with great enthusiasm and much interest.


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