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Daman Odia Movie Review: Release date, Cast, Story, Ott Platform, Total Collection and More | Bollywood Petals

Daman movie review

About the film

Daman: The story begins in 2015. A young doctor Siddharth must provide services in rural areas or pay bond fees. He’s not thrilled to move out of Bhubaneswar and move to a remote region that is famous for Naxals rule and lacks basic services.

The Story 

An aspiring doctor decides to completely eliminate Malaria from more than 100 and fifty remote villages in Odisha where the cult of superstition and deficiency of basic facilities have proven fatal to the tribe for decades. This is an actual tale.


Siddharth Mohanty (Babushaan Mohanty) is a young MBBS student who is posted in a remote village in Malkangiri district of Odisha which is infested by mosquitoes and Naxalites. This is a region that is cut off from the outside world as have the majority of the villages that surround it. The possibility of any kind of development is not a realistic goal and healthcare is at fate of a doubtful Godmen who take advantage of the superstitious and gullible tribals and often result in numerous deaths. Siddharth who is ready to go off after a difficult day and an unrestful night in his new job and then returns to his post after witnessing the suffering of a father who begs for his help to save his daughter’s life. Siddharth begins a difficult and dangerous mission of educating the villager population and eliminating the threat that is Malaria within the huge and unloved region of the tribal region of Odisha. He devises a program he calls Durgama Anchalare Malaria Nirakarana (DAMaN). DAMaN.

With a story from the real world that’s specifically designed for documentary director and writer Vishal Mourya, and Debi Prasad Lenka, tell us an enthralling story of determination, grit and tenacity of a brave young doctor who accomplishes the impossible. Filmed in real-life locations, surrounded by the real-life people living in Odisha’s deprived villages, “DAMAN” does not stray from its story and effectively engages the viewers. There’s not a single moment of cinematic freedom that undermines the seriousness of the subject. Pratap Rout’s cinematography, which is enthralling, captures the nuanced the life of Malkangiri and the stunning shots of the lush green landscape, beautifully emphasizes the contrast between the everyday life and the ever-present danger of death. Gaurav Anand’s soundtrack is timely and emotional. It provides the needed force and weight to the music that often leave you with the feeling of having a lump at the bottom of your throat.

Odia famous Babushaan is effortlessly in the character of his choice with a refined and genuine performance as Dr. Siddharth. He is a perfect fit and makes it easy to feel for the cause he’s fighting for. It inspires hope and optimism in a desperate situation, where innocent people are losing lives due to insanity, outdated beliefs and lack of administrative competence. Dipanwit Dashmohapatra offers a dependable assistance as his assistant and pharmacist Ravi. Together, they form an impressive team that can work in spite of all odds.

The beauty of ‘DAMaN’s is in its real-life realism and its ability to bring hope to those who are in despair. The material it is based on is so powerful that it doesn’t need any frills or embellishments to make you feel warm and fuzzy. This straightforward and unwavering story of a doctor’s unstoppable spirit is a win throughout.

Daman OTT Platform Details

If you’re seeking details about Daman OTT, the Daman OTT Platform, we regret that there is no official announcement on when the Daman OTT release date or platform. The teaser received lots of positive feedback from a variety of people. A Odia film portrayed the incident long after the event was concluded.

After watching the teaser trailer for the movie, Anubhav Mohanty uploaded it on his social media accounts. Through the years of films it has not taken place. The trailer of the film has earned praise from a variety of notable actors, and they all hope for the film’s success. We will revise the information on this website accordingly.



Daman Total Collection

The first day the box office revenue for the film Daman was about 35,000 rupees. On Day 2 it earned 85,000 rupees. The total sum collected over the past two days is approximately 1.2 lakhs at most. In the third night of this weekend Daman is likely of making between one and one-half lakhs. If this is the case then the box office profits for the Daman film could range from 2.2 between 2.2 and 2.5 lakhs over the course of three days. Even even if North as well as South circuits do not constitute the intended audience for the Daman film.

The people of Odisha has expressed an overwhelming interest in having the creation of a Hindi Dubbed version of Daman created and released in the shortest time possible. The makers are working on this to allow the Hindi audience to feel connected to the film’s epic story. The film was budgeted of five crores however, the total sum that has been collected to date is one million rupees.


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