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Crushed Season 2 REVIEW | Amazon MiniTV | Full Series Now Available To Watch Online



After a successful first season, Amazon mini TV announced the release of the second season of ‘Crushed’. The highly anticipated series has been created by Dice Media exclusively on Amazon’s free video streaming service. Its significance and nostalgic appealing storyline with extreme warmth paved the way for its second season. Hence, ‘Crushed Season 2’ has received accolades from Dice Media and Amazon mini TV fans. The story has all elements – comedy, drama, arguments, and fights – with several twists, making it still an engaging watch. Season 1 of the series ends, leaving the viewers aware of the upcoming complications in their lives. It will create more curiosity for its next season.,

Crushed Season 2 STORY:

Crushed is the tale of a high school love affair between two friends pointing out the confusion and insecurity that come with their first love. Season 2 of ‘Crushed,’ a coming-of-age drama, is based on an engaging story about Lucknow Central Convent (LCC) School students’ first love, crushes, friendships, complications, and much more shaping their personalities.


The series impressed the hearts of the audience with significant characters like Aadhya Mathur (Aadhya Anand), Jasmine (Urvi Singh), and Prateek (Naman Jain) – as they crossed their way through different phases of teenage romance. The natural performances lend credibility to this light-hearted drama. All the performers in this film bring the ideal combination of emotion and innocence to their respective roles. All the actors have done their job perfectly which looks better on-screen. The series filled the hearts of audiences with love due to the adorable and relatable characters


The direction and the cinematography which capture the feel of Lucknow, are good and add to the authenticity of the drama. Its writers (Tatsat Pandey, Abhinav Vaidya, and Sankalp Raj Tripathi) deserve credit for keeping the screenplay so simple and straightforward. In comparison, this season has a high emotional proportion.


Crushed web series has a fast-paced story and a well-written script that will keep the viewers engaged and the viewers will be excited. The new trailer unveils some glimpses about the roller coaster ride that once goes high, and once goes low. The show depicts the changes that happen in the lives of Aadhya, Prateek, and Jasmine as they have crossed new challenges and surprises.
Amazon always had interesting stories that connect with younger audiences, and this season of ‘Crushed’ is a step in the same direction. It is expected that people tune into Amazon Mini TV from December 2nd, 2022, and enjoy this venture.

The Love that was showered upon the maiden season of Crushed gave Amazon the boost they needed to create and bring forth a consequence that has several marks higher in each respect.
This series is mainly for those who are very close to school life and hence has such a personal touch to it. The makers also enjoyed the development of the beloved characters over the two seasons. This time the students will be seen facing their crucial 10th board year, and working together for a competitive inter-school festival all when dealing with their adolescent emotions with updated relationships. The new season of the series continues the story from where it was left in season 1 and brings more excitement to the viewers. Crushed season 2 ends with suspense, leaving viewers wondering what will happen next in the lives of LCC students.


Viewers can watch the premier of the Crushed web series online through Amazon Mini TV. The Amazon Mini TV is a free video streaming service available on the Amazon Shopping App and does not require a paid subscription. To watch web series, comedy, award-winning short films, technology, etc. for free, download the Amazon Shopping app from Google Play or the iOS App Store and search for the Mini TV.

Crushed Season 2
Amazon mini TV announces the premiere of a coming-of-age comedy-drama series – Crushed, which is available for free on Amazon’s shopping app from 12th January 2022. The series is in collaboration with Pocket Aces’ long-form premium storytelling channel- Dice Media.

Girish Prabhu, Head of Amazon Advertising commented that they are excited about their collaboration with Pocket Aces, who are known for their entertaining stories that strike a chord with the youth. The collaboration with Dice Media to present the second season will ensure that the audience will continue to be entertained by the delightful narrative of the title which reverberates the viewers across the country.

Crushed is one such interesting story which is not about the lead characters, but about their two side-kicks. The makers of “Crushed” tried to push the wrapper by telling a compelling teenage love story based in a tier 2 city high school. They are confident that the characters and narrative of the show will resonate with audiences. Amazon mini TV has been extremely supportive and they look forward to the upcoming release of Crushed all over India.

The idea of role reversal in the story by telling the tales of sidekicks is exciting as any drama hardly explores their lives. But another twist to the story could have probably added more fun to it. It could have instead explored how these sidekicks feel insecure or inferior when they are forced to listen to what the popular student says and roam around them just to get their faces known on the school campus. But the series Crushed tells the usual story of first love, complications, and crushes during high school.
The trailer did set hopes and expectations high and so did the opening scene and dialogue of the drama. Viewers will not disappoint after watching it. Though it tells the regular tale, it has a certain feel-good factor to it which makes it a decent watch. It makes a person nostalgic about his school days, crushes, and all mischiefs he or she is known for.
Since it has only three episodes in its first season with each about a half-hour long, it can make for a decent watch when during office breaks or while having lunch.

Fantastic story, awesome characters, and actors, and clean, and fabulous comedy. In a world where content standards are dropping, Amazon mini tv has launched a gem that truly brought back fond memories during school days.
Due to the phenomenal audience response, ‘Crushed’ will certainly hit the market across India. The simplicity presented on the screen makes it relevant. This piece will undoubtedly carry the audience down a nostalgic school memory lane. From morning assembly to Inter-School Annual Competition enthusiasm, this six-part series of Amazon hold the entertainment till the end.
Amazon mini TV presented the second season of this highly successful series. The maiden season of Crushed carved a slot for itself and appealed strongly to audiences, creating a strong fan base for the show and its casts. I think fans will be delighted enough after watching this video series. 


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