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About Chhatriwali, the movie (2023)

The latest condom factory director of quality assurance is shy (Rakul Preet Singh) who is ashamed of her work. Then, she recognizes the importance of safe sex and decides to dedicate herself to discredit the discussion about sexual education through Chhatriwali.

Chhatriwali trailer Rakul Preet Singh’s film is fun to watch as she heads out to inform girls and women about safe sexual sex. The film also features Sumeet Vyas.

Actress Rakul Preet Singh believes that her film Chhatriwali is worthy of special attention because it is geared towards the country’s young people and teaches them about safe sexual activity. The film’s makers unveiled the trailer during a media event. The fans are now talking about the performance of her during the film.


Directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay deoskar, Chhatriwali is a slice of life comedy which is set in Haryana.
 The film stars actor playing Sanya who is a quality control head of a condom factory. The filmmakers released the initial trailer for the movie on the Friday. 

For Rakul who was previously featured in films like The Dede Pyaar De Sardar Ka Grandson as well as Doctor G, the movie proved to be her ideal project. Rakul said “Chhatriwali was the dream film that ticked each box. With the trailer now released, I’m hoping our hard work is rewarded since this film merits the attention and respect it deserves.”

The trailer is distinct. It is a story about Sanya (Rakul Preet Singh) an quality control manager in the condom manufacturing facility. The town she lives in is conservative and narrow-minded. The way of thinking in the town is so outdated that even teachers don’t believe that teaching youngsters and children on the importance of safe sexual activity is a must and should not be ignored. She is witness to incidents at the home of her parents following marriage that disturb her as an individual. 

She decides to teach the kids about safe sex and the importance. The trailer has succeeded in piqueing the interest and hasn’t divulged anything else that makes internet users and their fans desire more. The film Chhatriwali is available online in Zee 5 on January 20.

The trailer has received amazing and raving reviews from netizens and fans on Twitter. Many users on social media have shared their thoughts that it’s an entertaining film and Rakul has done a great job in her role.

“Rakul seems to have nailed the role of a female focused film” one fan said. “This film is the need of the moment and oh my… Rakul is making it happen,” said another fan. “The method they’re using to solve the problem in a way that is entertaining …. is the best method to inform people! It’s a great idea!” one fan said. 

“Such an interesting idea, and she’s taking it all in stride Bravo Rakul,” a fan commented. “Just looked at”the Chhatriwali Trailer. I’m already counting the days until it’s out. The combination of comedy and a strong social message is exactly what I’m looking for,” another fan shared.

Review And Release Date

So, after movies like “Helmet”, Janhit mein jaari” and “Shubh mangal saavdhan”, this movie is going to hit such a sensitive topic. Talking about the reviews, the film is quite entertaining and beautifully tries to portray a very sensitive topic. It is little bit family friendly drama movie and a very gracious romantic, thrilling, comedy genere movie which was also try to spread social awareness about safe and secure sex.

An interesting and impactful movie in which actress Rakul Preet Singh has played her character in a very innovative way,” Chhatriwali” is soon announced officially as their release date.

Everyone is eagerly waiting for this movie but till now no official date has been announced for its release but it is clear that this movie will be done on Zee 5 which is an OTT platform as Zee Originals movie.

But according to local media and sources, it has come to the fore that it will be released only on the OTT platform and not in theatres.

As per sources, release date must be around 20 January 2023 but it’s not officially announced and you are soon able to watch this wonderful masterpiece of Vijay Deoskar on Zee 5.

Chhatriwali Trailer Review

Movie Trailer

In the trailer Sumeet in the trailer, Vyas in the trailer, Sumeet Vyas Rakul about the reason why someone would take precautions during sexual activity? She discovers a beloved one who has an abortion due to unprotected sexual activity, and also school textbooks that include both female and male reproduction as subjects that are not compulsory. 

She calls on school officials to stop teaching sexual education as an optional subject. She also begins conducting sessions to address sexual-related questions. She also gathers housewives , and informs them about the importance of safe sex.

Chhatriwali is determined to convey the message of the necessity of male contraceptives as well as safe sexual activity, she said. “I I hope this persona inspires people to get their voices heard and stand up against unsafe sex and the numerous negative health consequences of not taking contraceptives. Indian youth comprise for most of the population, and getting them educated on safe sex and sexual education is an urgent need which is why I am grateful that Chhatriwali is serving their needs and that of everyone else in a very entertaining and innovative way,” Rakul said.

Sumeet Vyas, who plays alongside Rakul on the screen said that the film breaks down the walls of silence about sex in Indian society. “Today’s generation is intrigued by the term’sex’ and “intimacy,” as there’s always a sense of ‘hush-hush’ about these issues. With the multitude of stories and genres I’m glad the team was able to come up with this compelling story and presented the story with great compassion,” he added.

Created by Ronnie Screwvala, Chhatriwali will premiere on ZEE5 on the 20th of January. The film also stars Satish Shah Dolly Ahluwalia, Rajesh Tailang, Prachee Shah Paandya, Rakesh Bedi, and Riva Arora.

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