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Blurr Official Trailer Taapsee Pannu | Zee studios – Motion Poster | Ajay Bahl


Blurr – Psychological Thriller

Blurr is the latest upcoming female centric movie. Actor Taapsee Pannu is doing the leading role. As she is well known for her acting skill and feminine power, her fans are expecting a lot of messages from this movie. Let’s see the details of this movie Blurr.

Grasp from the movie’s first glimpse

Blurr will include Taapsee Pannu, a Bollywood actress. She gave her fans the first glimpse at her forthcoming psychological thriller movie Blurr on Wednesday. A scared-looking Taapsee looks at the camera in the movie’s opening shot as another Taapsee emerges in front of her. The former Taapsee is seen losing her eyesight as their faces blur. This is the first look revealed about this movie.


Blurr’s story line

The main character in Blurr is a woman, and the plot centers on her struggles and determination to move past her tragedy. Taapsee is the main character of this movie as she steadily loses her vision while she attempts to look or investigate into the death of her twin sister.

Direct Release in OTT

Taapsee Pannu will release her film directly in OTT. She also revealed the movie’s release date on Instagram. Taapsee captioned the photo after sharing the motion poster. “There’s always more than what meets the eye! #BlurrOnZEE5 premieres 9th December”. On December 9 of this year, ZEE5 will offer a direct-to-digital release of Taapsee’s upcoming movie Blurr.

The Blurr debut will take place on one of the well-known OTT platforms, ZEE5, on December 9, 2022. The producers initially chose to distribute this film in cinemas but have since chosen a direct digital distribution.


Who did what?

Blurr is a psychological thriller. The lead role is played by Taapsee and also stars Gulshan Devaiah. Taapsee plays as Gayatri. Abhilash Thapliyal and Krutika Desai Khan are also included in this movie. This movie is directed by Ajay Bahl. Ajay Bahl and Pawan Sony are Blurr’s authors.

It should be noted that “Julia’s Eyes”, a Spanish movie, served as the inspiration for the core of Blurr. Actually, Blurr movie is an official remake of the Spanish movie “Julia’s Eyes”. Only ZEE5 will broadcast the Hindi television debut of the Ajay Bahl-directed movie.

Taapsee’s Reaction

In a statement, Taapsee stated, “Thrillers play a significant role in my filmography, and Blurr was one such story that kept me on the verge of my seat with its writing and the situations the heroine was thrust into throughout the movie. When Vishal contacted me about this project, I said “yes” right away for that reason.

She continued, “Having shot nearly half the movie while wearing blindfolds, I am bringing home a lot of memories and actual bruises which genuinely made me treasure the ability to see clearly even more. I was eager to collaborate with Ajay sir after section 375. I’m hoping this one will give the OTT audience some chills and thrills.

Blur Movie News – Tit-bits

Taapsee Pannu is making her debut as a film producer, according to a story published in Bollywood Hungama on July 15, 2022. The study discusses the actress, her prior endeavors, and her function as producer for this film.

According to a report that will be published in Republic World on November 17, 2021, Taapsee Pannu is committed to the post. According to reports, the actress had to spend almost 12 hours a day wearing a blindfold to play a person who is sight impaired.

In addition to Blurr, Taapsee is in the upcoming movie Dunki by Rajkumar Hirani. She will star alongside Shah Rukh Khan in the film. It will premiere on December 22, 2023.

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