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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is about Chadwick Boseman Through The Story

Black Panther

Everyone’s fierce loveable spear-wielding action heroine, Danai Gurira, returns in Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever as Okoye has released today across the globe.

The Black Panther film is directed by Ryan Coogler and is the sequel to Black Panther, nominated for an Oscar to the billion-dollar which saw the late Chadwick Boseman in King T’ Challa as a leading role. With the lead actor’s sudden passing, the Black Panther title and the crown may pass on to Letitia Wright, who plays the sister of the Slain King, Shuri.

Ahead of the highly anticipated film, ETimes sat down with Dania for a conversation. She opened up about the team’s efforts to honor the legacy of Chadwick through the film, the character dealing with the death of the king twice. The Marvel flak has been faced by fans for having female superheroes.


When you watched the movie for the first time at the premiere, what was the environment like in the room?


It was best. Everyone was there to have fun and be a part of the moment. Someone said earlier that no one knew what they might get. We had the tragic loss of a leader, Chadwick Boseman, and the complete room was on the journey. Everyone was taking the journey together to embrace the narrative and process that. It was a beautiful spirit.


The core of what he did with Ryan to come back in and make the movie was rooted in what Chadwick may wish. When he said and called me, “We are doing it, and I am clear this is what Chadwick would have wanted and felt that, that was the heart of everything. Everyone has entered into the story from that thing.

It felt on-set too. Drummer, who Chadwick had brought on in the first film. He was always drumming and will drum with him. He was present and available for everyone. The drummer’s name is Jabbari. You might have to see him in the movie. When we were training and were in training, he might be there, bringing a connection to Chadwick that we required.

It was such an anchoring about Chadwick, and we all wanted to depend on and honor him through the story. Ryan started off exactly right, and we started with that.

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