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Bholaa Official Teaser Review | Ajay Devgan and Tabu’s new movie Bholaa Teaser Is Out


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Ajay Devgan and Tabu’s new movie named “Bholaa” is going to be released on 30th March, 2023. In this blog, we will review the Bholaa movie teaser.


Ajay Devgan Direction

99% of people love Ajay Devgan for his acting skills. But the last 1% are fans of Ajay Devgan’s direction. Just like the movie Runway 34 which was a flop at box office but its direction was remarkable. Also, the movie Shivaay was so well directed that it’s hard to beat it in competition. A lot of people say that both of them are good opponents to fight against Hollywood in terms of direction.

Once again, Ajay Devgan the actor meets director Ajay Devgan and only the name of the film made a lot of people interested in this movie. The name of the movie “Bholaa” was in conversation for some time but recently a teaser of this movie is released on YouTube. We can definitely say that it has a combination of mass and class and a sprinkle of style. This type of movie is rarely made in bollywood these days.

The final scene is superb and very well directed to be true. That single scene is good enough to make a lot of people watch this movie in theaters.

However, the movie is not based on action only. The real strength of this movie is the emotional side which is shown in the trailer. People are a bit disappointed for the fans who were waiting for a long time because not much of Ajay Devgan’s looks were shown in this teaser of Bholaa. The music director of KGF, Ravi Basrur has implemented extremely well directed and magical music in “Bholaa” as shown in the teaser.


Bholaa Remake of Tamil Movie Kaithi

For those who don’t know, Bholaa is a remake of the South Indian and Tamil movie “Kaithi” which was released in 2019 and broke great records at the box office. Crafted with only 20 Crore, this movie surprised the industry by making a collection of more than 100 Crore. Also, that movie was not a PAN India movie as well.

Now, the problem with Bhola is that it has a budget of 80-100 Crore but you can already watch Kaithi in Hindi for free on YouTube. So, in this scenario, a movie crossing the box office collection of 100 crore is going to be tough for sure. Though the example of Ajay Devgan’s recently released movie, Drishyam 2 can be raised here but in that case there was no Hindi version available at the time. Also, there was a long fan following of 7 years. When Drishaym was released in 2015, not many people knew that it was a remake of some South Indian movie. But in the case of Bholaa, there will be another challenge that Kaithi is a part of another universe created by director Lokesh Kanagaraj and Vikram was the latest addition to it. But Bholaa is an individual movie. So, it is not possible to copy Kaithi from scene to scene. And maybe for that reason Tabu is added to the cast because there was no such character in Kaithi. This is gonna make the story of Bholaa a bit different than Kaithi.

The real challenge could be beating Lokesh Kanagaraj as it might be next to impossible as he is a specialist in making mass movies. Also, in that universe there are huge superstars and it is possible that Shah Rukh Khan might be another addition to it with his movie Jawan. 

In this scenario, the selling point of Bholaa could be its name. With the nickname of lord Shiva, the film is connected with religious culture and it is gonna make the movie special.

However, too much can not be told. 100 Crore is already spent on creating a remake and only the teaser is released till now. It will be interesting to watch how this movie will perform. But for now, we have to keep waiting.

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