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Bhediya Movie Trailer Review and Explanation : Bhediya Movie Release 25 November 2022


Bhediya Movie Trailer Review and Explanation : Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon’s new movie named “Bhediya” is going to be released on 25th November, 2022. In this blog, we will review the Bhediya movie trailer.


On 19th October 2012, a movie named “Student of The Year” was released. As an actor, it was the debut movie for Varun Dhawan.

Salesman Of The Year

After almost 10 years, on 19th October 2022, the trailer for the movie Bhediya was released. So, Varun Dhawan is celebrating his 10 years of journey in Bollywood with the Bhediya trailer.

A few days earlier a teaser was also released and it created a decent hype for the movie. And now the trailer is released, let’s break it down and get to know more about it.

The director of this movie, Amar Kaushik has also directed “Stree” and people loved the concept and direction of his horror and comedy genre.



Talking about the trailer, we haven’t seen Varun Dhawan in this type of character before. The story is based on a human wolf or werewolf.

In this movie, Varun Dhawan a.k.a Bhaskar is bitten by a wolf in the jungle. And it makes genetic changes in his body which gives him multiple super powers like extreme physical strength, super speed and super smell and hearing. It will be exciting to watch if he tries to get rid of those powers or uses them for good deeds.

This type of movie or concept is very new in bollywood. And if this movie performs well, it can go forward and create its own cinematic universe.


The cinematography, the visual effects, the text styles are well appealing and gives the audience a vibe mixed with fantasy. The CGI of the werewolf, Varun Dhawan’s transformation etc. is up to the mark with the Indian standard.

Apart from the trailer, the music is excellent and stands out very well. It gives a mix of horror and goosebumps to the viewers. It is assured that the movie will be an amazing choice to watch and listen in the theaters.

The casting of this movie is wonderful as it includes multiple extremely talented actors and actresses. Also, the dialogues give a pleasure and comic relief. And the very famous song “Jungle Jungle Pata Chala Hai” adds a superb comedy vibe.

After a long time, Bollywood is coming up with unique and interesting content for the viewers. And the fans are excited to enjoy this movie.

So, mark your calendars as the movie “Bhediya” will be released on Friday, 25th November 2022.

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