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Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat Movie Review: Release date, cast, story & More

almost pyaar with dj mohabbat Movie

About the film

Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat: In London there is a girl who likes the boy a bit too in love. In a parallel world, there’s a guy who is attracted to an attractive girl. Two unrequited love stories and weighed down by social class castinge, religion, and inequality, are rushing toward each other. Two love stories that are tragic that are musical, and one amazing coincidence, as described by the DJ Mohabbat, the Guru of Love. Mohabbat.


Nearly Pyaar featuring DJ Mohabbat is a Bollywood musical film that was directed by Ali Faizan. Its Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat budget is estimated at 20 crores . The film is renowned for its stunning images stunning musical numbers, as well as exciting scenes. The soundtrack for the film was composed by the celebrated musician Pritam while the script and lyrics were written by Irshad Kamil.

The film is supposed to be a musical celebration and a visual treat for those who love movies. With an Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat budget, it’s difficult to be a hit with audiences and leave an indelible impression upon film fans in the Indian cinema industry. Overall, Almost pyraar with DJ Mohabbat is a must-see for any lover of Bollywood musicals.

Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat Review

Amrita (Alaya Alaya.) is a beautiful and bubbly schoolgirl whose entire lives revolve around watching films by stealing DVDs from a local store the owner’s daughter Yaqub (Karan Mehta) creating funny Ting Tong videos in a disguise and then tuning into DJ Mohabbat’s music podcasts. She is a huge fan of the DJ, and her sole purpose in life is to go to his hot Holi celebration in a hidden area located in the mountains. 

” Instinctively captivated by their love for Mohabbat’s music, the two teens leave home, which triggers the beginning of a series of drama that is certain to be a disaster. In a parallel world Yaqub’s likeness Harmeet (Karan Mehta) is trying to be noticed as a promising musician However, just after, Ayesha (Alaya Alaya.) is a wealthy lavish daughter of a wealthy London-based Pakistani businessman, begins crushing and obsessing about him until her actions begin to affect his life negatively. Oddly enough, she’s identical to Amrita however, neither of them is identical.

It’s an intriguing concept, and there are often times of excitement and uncertainty that leave you wondering what’s going to happen. Anurag Kashyap’s tale is multi-layered and layered, but it never does come together in a coherent manner. It’s as if it’s trying to address numerous issues with no conviction. From love jihad, same couples and patriarchal dysfunctional families, to the differences caused by religion, caste and social inequalities There’s plenty to discuss but not explored or done in a manner that creates a lasting impression in your head. 

The film continuously switches between the dark bars and streets of London and the snow-covered mountains of Himachal. Amit Trivedi’s unique music and Shellee’s irresistible songs (like ‘ Mohabbat se Kranti as well as ‘ Ghanghor Connection’) feel young, contemporary and pertinent to the plot, however for musicals the score overall isn’t as good as it could be. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to keep any of the songs after leaving the theater.

Vicky Kaushal as DJ Mohabbat is intriguing and the actress appears to be enjoying the quirky character which he reprises from Manmarziyan, his film from the year 2018.. The newcomer Karan Mehta looks confident on screen and is a promising actor. Sometimes, he can get carried away in his role as Harmeet as well as his fake laugh performance is a bit irritating. Alaya F., as always, does an outstanding job of bringing life to her character and is equally adept in both her de-glam and glam avatars. From a rebellious and small-town girl who is rebellious against her male-dominated parents to one who is brash and wildly-in-love with a Londoner Alaya F. is a master at both. Alaya is a master in all her characters.

It’s a love story that’s brimming with regular social problems and clichés, but that is told in a different style. However, it is far from making this film enjoyable and deeply enjoyable experience. Much like the character played by Alaya, Amrita shares with Yaqub after their lengthy and exhausting travels, “Na koi plan hai”Na koi plan hai, na goal” Well, that’s our idea exactly.

Release Date

The movie Almost Pyaar starring DJ Mohabbat release date is to be released in cinemas is February 3 2023. While many young filmmakers admire how he creates films it’s evident that the director has lost the ability to choose the right storylines to keep viewers engaged. After the loss in Bombay Velvet, he tried with a variety of films which didn’t match his style and was unsuccessful with each until “Do Baaraa.

This Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat The release date will be released in theaters on the 3rd of February, 2022.

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