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All Of Us Are Dead Korean Zombie Series Review: A Moving Zombie Drama High On Heart & Emotions

all of us are dead

All of Us are Dead Story

All of Us are Dead does not attempt to create a new wheel. The children in the series aren’t unaware of what’s going on. There is a sense of surveillance of zombies, and even discuss the amazing Train for Busan. The best part of the series is that it concentrates on the interactions between the many characters that has been observed throughout the series, from Dawn of the Dead to The Walking Dead.

Students from various social groups are required to join forces and this causes more tension and issues for certain students, however it also brings some people to work together in order to understand theirThere are similarities, not similarities instead of their. The characters of the students are all well-developed throughout the show, with intriguing connections developing such as Su-hyeok’s former bullying partner and his attraction to Nam-ra, who is the class president who has an unbeatable record. The entire series Us Are Dead is focused on these relationships to ensure that, when the inevitable illness strikes, the pain is felt even more.

All of Us are Dead has a refreshing message

It ties the effects of the disease to the person’s rage and determination to fight. The characters like Gwi-nam can withstand many times in death due to their will to hurt others, while others retain a glimmer of their humanity in order to save the ones they love. It’s a fascinating twist on a genre is well-known and adds a unique dimension to the show. The show shines on the decisions that human beings make in times of stress. There are many difficult choices being made throughout the show and it’s hard to distinguish this show from the recent epidemic. 

People in power are offered choices and are aware that no matter which option they pick, lots of people will be killed. The guilt of survivors becomes a major element of the show due to this, and it can be one All of Us Are Dead does better than other shows. It leaves you feeling a sense of empathy for characters who may have had choices you wouldn’t have backed.The All of Us Are Dead is an exciting zombie show packed with brutal and violent scenes featuring characters that are all very human. Although it’s not as awe-inspiring as of the fantastic Squid Game, the series remains a fantastic piece of entertainment that fans of the genre of zombies can devour with the most delicious of brains. We’re hoping for an encore season!


The only zombie film that was truly complete in every sense for my mind was Train to Busan. It’s possible that I missed a better choice however I also believe that this film will always hold the most special space in my memory. This film, The Walking Dead that started quite well, took a disappointing end. It’s All Of Us Are Dead that gives life to a tale which has monsters but no dominating the city. Somewhere is situated near the former.Sure, the vast majority of them are naive creatures that swarm around town and in the same way, their existence isn’t a result of some ill-thought-out experiment carried out in a laboratory with the privilege of creating weapons to make their profits. Instead, it’s more personal and human. The show on Netflix is inspired by Naver webtoon Now at Our School which was created composed by Joo Dong-geun.

Star Performance:

The show features some of the best young actors on Korea. Korean scene. The show can’t be made when any actor is only thinking about their performance as you can see the actors working together and supporting one another constantly.Park Ji-hu, as well as Yoon Chan-young have the best screen time. Their chemistry adds the feeling of maturation into the story. Love is not spoken and they aren’t aware of that. The complications resulting from the same increases and creates an enchanting love story in the Apocalypse. It doesn’t overdo it and that’s what makes it great about it. The two actors are incredible.Cho Yi-hyun’s character Nam-ra is going through a transformation. She is among the most powerful characters in the above list and must display various emotions. Not just as a human, but she also must battle the part zombie within her and show those emotions to her face. The actress does a flawless job.

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