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‘Akhanda’ movie review | Trailer, release date, cast | Balakrishna, Boyapati Srinu | For better or worse

Akhanda Movie review & Release date etc.

Akhanda Movie 

It’s been quite a time since we’ve watched Balayya in a major part. He’s back in the spotlight in Boyapati’s Akhanda Movie. The film is out today, and we will look at how it goes.

Akhanda Story:

Murali Krishna(Balakrishna) Is an extremely well-known and respected citizen of the tense Anantapur district. Things get problematic in his area when a mine owned by Varadarajulu(Srikanth) creates massive problems for the poor. Murali Krishna confronts Varadarajulu however, he is arrested tragically.

 As the goons cause more trouble for the family of Murali Krishna, Akhanda(Balakrishna as Aghora) arrives to help everyone. Is this Akhanda? What is his history? And how does he help everyone in what is the story behind Akhanda.

Akhanda Reviews:

After Legendand Simha the director Boyapati Srinu and actor Balakrishna join forces for their third movie – an all-flashy masala entertainment which is solely based on the main character’s star-power. 

The story’s plot is diluted because of an unintentional screenplay, and the entire cast is left in the dust to the NBK (including the character he plays). The result could have fans screaming “Jai Balayya” for hours, but it’s not a surprise that Boyapati doesn’t deliver his promise.
Murali Krishna (Balakrishna) is a popular man living in the conflict-ridden Anantapur.

 A farmer, he makes his money to construct hospitals, and to strike when necessary, and also help change factionists so that they can care for the environment and stop using violence. His character almost seems to be an ode to the direction Balakrishna will take in his role. 

District Commissioner Saranya (Pragya Jaiswal) is determined to make corrupt police officers accountable and probe into the wrongdoings within her district, with the help of the Principal Secretary for Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Padmavati (Poorna). 

The majority of the time is spent discussing the way Saranya loves Murali and they build an intimate relationship (after an odd flirtation which takes place in the form of the seatbelts Taati Kallu and the telugu tanam) This isn’t the story they tell.

It is the tale of his long-lost sister Akhanda (Balakrishna in the role of an aghora or a baby) who is separated of his home by an Baba (Jagapathi Babu) due to an obligation to fulfill. 

It is believed that he was born to correct the wrongs committed by Gajendra Sahu (Niitin Mehta) an infamous, brutal man who manages an ashram and pretends to be holy to hide his crime. 

The other character in the story there is Varada Rajulu (Srikanth) who is another brutal man who engages in illegal mining for uranium in Nallamala in the disguise that copper mining.

 When those whose lives Murali promised to defend are taken away, and Saranya is forced to fight for the survival of what’s left of her family. Akhanda Movie embarks on a battle to bring the day back.


The basic idea of Akhanda is fascinating in the way Boyapati lays it out by weaving a mythical tale that is populated with massive moments in the way only his imagination can create, he eventually gets lost in the story (literally) and is obsessed with providing Akhanda and Murali massive moments that are certain to generate a lot of laughter.

The film also goes on to rant about everything from the beauty of nature to the significance in the role of God and temples, as well as how females (like Nature) are supposed to be protected and not destroyed. 

It’s a pity that the irony goes unnoticed by anyone when the film is smothered in double-entire dialogues, opening scenes that show flying vonis, and girls using as collaterals for the war. This doesn’t add anything to the plot.

As soon as Akhanda arrives in the frame all and everything gets a second chance, including Murali. Saranya and Padmavati turn into damsels in distress, Murali is buried in his own grief and guilt And even the supposedly strong Gajendra and Varada have no place in the frame because Akhanda has the protection of Shiva himself, who is protecting him. In fact, he’s considered as God himself.

Akhanda Movie review & Release date etc.

Balakrishna is given the opportunity to shine since he takes up nearly every frame in the film as Murali and Akhanda. He is able to dance and play with dialogue-based baazi when they’re not showing off their stunning new look in slow-motion images that concentrate on the fake tattoos and his piercing eyes. 

Although it’s at first enough to make you feel good however, it becomes tiring as the movie progresses. Pragya may get an introduction (almost) similar to the main character, but

she’s apathetic to the film’s proceedings despite being a complete and utterly convincing character. Poorna, Srikanth, Niitin, Jagapathi Babu, Kalakeya Prabhakar Subbaraju and others are all single-tone characters who can easily navigate.

Other than the mass-produced moments and fight scenes (by Stun Shiva) that are entertaining (but there’s too many of them) the thing that works best for this film is the BGM composed by Thaman. 

His score and cinematography by Ram Prasad establish the tone of the film, and even make the story interesting, even in the sense that Boyapati is wasting time with little to say. The end of it all that length (2-hours-47-minutes) isn’t a good fit for the story he’s trying to tell. 

It also leaves the impression that despite Balakrishna’s character of Akhanda being a huge chunk of time, Boyapati doesn’t have the possibilities to make it more interesting.

Akhanda is one of those film that’s only for the fans of Balakrishna’s, as anyone who wants to spend time with a bowl of popcorn could be exhausted.

 Given that it’s been a long time since a major entertainer has screened it will be interesting to see whether this is the movie that draws people back to the cinemas.

Plus Points:

It’s been an extended time since fans were able to see Balayya in her powerful character and to their joy Boyapati Sreenu has provided them with an entire meal, showcasing Balayya in a previously unheard of model in a double role.

Balayya is a perfect match for his roles but it’s his character Akhanda Movie that the audience is going to cherish the most. Balayya as Aghora is a different stage in this film. It’s his presence on screen, the quality of his dialogue delivery, or a dazzling appearance, Balayya is solid and is awe-inspiring to all.

One of the most valuable advantages to the production is the Thaman BGM. Without Thaman the film could have been different from the way it did. Thaman’s BGM for all elevation episodes is awe-inspiring. Pragya Jaiswal has a solid part and makes the most of the character. Kalakeya Prabhakar also looks good as the vicious police officer.

Not to mention, Srikanth is ferocious in the role of the antagonist. He astonishes everyone by his presence on screen and fights well to Balayya. However, the amount of screen time he gets is constrained.

The opening half is awe-inspiring and the way the characters from Balayya are shown off is fantastic. The film is brimming with many fan moments, and the Jai Balayya’s song is the perfect icing on the cake.

Minus Points

As with the majority of Boyapati films, there’s no story to tell in Akhanda. There aren’t any fundamental twists or surprises and you are sure the outcome the next. The opening half is long, even when the fights are excellent.

The difficulty of Akhanda is in the second half. When the character of Akhanda is introduced there isn’t any significant opposition to his entry. Balayya keeps killing goons and the novelty is not being met. An appropriate elevation of the villain could have made things more effective.

The emotional aspect is lacking in the second part of the show as the mother and family angle is forced upon viewers. The excessive fight scenes during this time frame are an issue. While the fights are enjoyable but they are monotonous after a single point.

Technical Aspects

As mentioned previously, Thaman has breathed life into the film through his efforts. It is noteworthy that the fight sequences are choreographed. They offer a number of adrenaline-pumping scenes for the spectators.

Dialogues are typical Boyapati fashion and the way that Balayya speaks these is also excellent. The lyrics, dances and outfits of Balayya excellent. But, the movie can be cut off for minimum ten minutes to keep things streamlined.

In the case of director Boyapati He has delivered on the hype and provided the fans with what they were lacking. He wrote two compelling roles for Balayya and showcased him beautifully. If he could have created a stronger conflict in the second halfof the film, the film would have been much better. While he was a bit overboard with the fight scenes and logic in his last film he has remediated the mistakes in this film.

Akhanda Verdict:

In the end, Akhanda Movie is a feast for those who love the genre and Balayya provides them with plenty of moments to enjoy his amazing performance. The plot is boring and brutality in the latter part is excessive. Akhanda Movie is not a film that people of the middle class may not like. However, since it’s been an extended time since the last big film came out in theaters The masses are bound to take it in since Akhanda is awash with Balayya’s massive masala avatar as never before.

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