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Adipursh Movie Postponed Reason : Full Explain, Om Raut also released a statement


Adipurush Movie Postponed Reason

Adipurush, Prabhas, and Kriti Sanon are postponed again. A few weeks ago, the teaser of Aadipursh was released that got a lot of flak from people. Fans were disappointed with the teaser, especially the VFX. Om Raut got flak from fans. Also, the director had tried to defend the visuals and movie, saying that it was not at all meant for smartphone screens but only the big ones. Also, this justification was rejected by the fans. Looking at the huge picture now, the makers have said that the new date of Adipurush. Also, the film may hit the screens and will get postponed later in 2023. Om Raut has released a statement.


Movie Budget

The Adipurush has been made on a huge budget of Rs 400 crores. Insiders now say that there is a possibility of a budget shoot-up later due to the delay. It is among the most costly films to be made in Bollywood after Baahubali and Brahmastra.

Audience Review

Due to the release of the teaser in October month, Adipurush got heavy criticism due to the bad quality of the VFX and faced severe trolling on social media handles. There was also a discussion around the authenticity of the story of the film to the epic Ramayana.

Om Raut has said that it has big shoes to fill with the undertaking as the animated form of Ramayana has been a cult favorite for centuries in today’s world. Also, things don’t seem to look for the staff, as fans are of the opinion that the 1992 version is better than Raut’s forthcoming offering after the drop of the movie teaser.

Adipurush is a movie based on the ancient Sanskrit epic, Ramayana that sees Sanon and Prabhas play Janaki and Raghava while Sunny Kaushal and Saif Ali Khan essay the roles of Lakshmana and Lankesh. There is a rumor that many top actresses, such as Anushka Shetty, Anushka Sharma, and Kiara Advani, have been approached for the Sita role.

Om Raut releases a statement on Adipurush’s postponement.

This is the best decision by the Adipurush makers. As there is a release of the teaser of Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, Prabhas, and Saif Ali Khan starrer, Adipurush is nothing but a matter of controversy. Netizens staunched Hindus and trolled the poor VFX as they were baffled at the look of Saif Ali Khan’s Ravan. They felt that Ravan was Khilji-field. The criticism is taken as constructive feedback and the makers of the film act upon it. Om Raut also released a statement on the postponement of Adipurush.


The director said that Adipurush is not a movie but a representation of their devotion to Lord Ram, the rich mythological history, and Sanskrit. So, to make the visual experience the best, the makers have planned to postpone the release. The teams are planning to work on the same. The release date of Adipurush is 16 June 2023.


Prabhas has starred Adipurush, and it was scheduled to release in January 2023. Also, reactions have been made, due to which makers have to rethink and work on the lack. Prabhas fans were nervous with the teaser. Also, after the debacle of Radhe Shyam, the fans were planning to see a resurgence in Prabhas’s career with Adipurush.


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